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Slinky Digital can help you drive more revenue with our professional digital marketing services in Perth. We are dedicated to providing customised solutions to businesses across diverse industries at affordable rates. Start getting exceptional results from your online marketing strategies.

Building Brands Online

Our digital marketing agency offers you 360° customised, well-conceived and high converting digital strategy services. Let’s work together to start moving your business in the right direction.

Whether you are a startup launching your business in the virtual world for the first time or an established business who’s been online for years but still haven’t achieved the kind of success you’ve aimed for, then get in touch with us now. You will benefit from our search engine optimisation and digital strategy consulting services.

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Digital Marketing Company Perth

SEO Services

We use organic SEO techniques inline with Google’s guidelines, which allows us to create smart and effective digital marketing strategies for our Perth clients that can help you rank high on all popular search engines.


Perth Digital Marketing Experts

Google Ads

We can deliver a highly effective Google Ads campaign with our team of skilled digital marketing professionals. Our aim is to always get you a superior return-on-investment by continuously lowering your cost-per-click.


Online Marketing Agency Perth

Website Design

We specialise in creating high performing websites for small to medium sized businesses. We will help you craft a standout digital destination for the modern consumer. Start growing your business today with a website that works.


Some of the amazing people we have worked with

Blue Print Homes

Herron Todd White

Empire Retreat & Spa

Mulberry Tree Childcare & Kindy

Jaxon Construction

Coco's Restaurant

Landscapes WA

Benara Nurseries

Kreepy Krauly



Echo Marine Group

Digital Marketing Strategy Perth

Strategic, Planned & Unique Digital Marketing

Our digital agency offers you strategic, planned and unique Perth digital marketing solutions to help increase your online business visibility, attract heavy and targeted web traffic, improve click through and conversion rates, increase sales and help improve your overall business profitability.

We help you create a strong brand identity for your Perth business through well conceived end-to-end online marketing strategies that drive impressive customer engagement and build outstanding brand loyalty.

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To compete with a business edge in today’s digital age, merely creating an online presence is not enough. We can help you with your digital marketing strategy.

SEO Case Study - HL

Our Perth digital marketing team will analyse your website and give you a free analysis, together with a proposed plan of action. Start growing your business today with a professional digital agency that ‘gets’ your business goals.

With Slinky Digital Agency’s Perth based marketing team, you can choose from a comprehensive suite of our cutting edge digital marketing services including seo, google ads management, social media, ux design and conversion optimisation.

Our digital agency strives to devise & develop customised, flawless and result driven online marketing solutions according to your business needs and corporate goals.

With over 1.9 billion websites online, you need a smart, comprehensive, in-synced digital strategy that helps you leverage your business on all online platforms so that you can have outstanding online visibility and secure a high search engine ranking.

According to a web based study, 85% of online users only browse through the first 2 search engine results pages to make their purchase decision. This means if your business is not in the top searches, you have very little chances of generating sales.

What Our SEO Clients Say

“I’m very pleased to write this testimonial about the services provided by SEO Perth Experts/Slinky Digital. As soon as we got them on-board, they turned our website ranking around. We have now been working with Peter and the team for many years and will continue to use their services for many years to come!”

Garth Spackman / Director
Sivana Bali

Experienced Perth digital marketing strategy consultants

digital marketing strategy consultants

We have a team of experienced and knowledgeable digital strategy experts and consultants.

The perfect combination of our hands on digital agency experience, profound understanding and knowledge and unbeatable strategic management skills allows us to provide you reliable, performance driven and value added digital strategy advice.

Our consultants don’t give you advice on guesswork, in fact we carry an extensive analytical online research of your industry and competitors. We use the latest digital marketing tools like A/B testing and Multivariate testing to identify opportunities and loopholes. Based on our findings, we provide you quality and comprehensive advice to help you secure a high search engine ranking, attract targeted audience and increase conversion rate.

At Slinky Digital Agency, our digital strategy consultants help you tap on every traffic generating online source. We strive to provide you consultancy services that help you stay ahead of the competition and leave no online platform unturned.

According to a web based study, 85% of online users only browse through the first 2 search engine results pages to make their purchase decision. This means if your business is not in the top searches, you have very little chances of generating sales.

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Tom WillsonTom Willson
11:09 10 Jan 22
I can't thank Slinky Digital and his team enough for the SEO work they have done for us. Slinky Digital is a consumate professional and has achieved incredible results for us.I would not hesitate to recommend Slinky Digital for any business, small or large who know the value of highest quality SEO.
Julian NichollsJulian Nicholls
03:19 04 Apr 19
I used Slinky Digital as my Digital Marketing Agency and their work is great. Increasing my digital reach, improving sales and their customer service is unbelievable. Really enjoyed working with them and look forward to continuing in the long term.
Wade StevensonWade Stevenson
06:18 07 Mar 19
Slinky Digital is the best Digital Marketing Agency in Perth! They seem to deliver time and time again. I have a few companies, and Slinky Digital are able to get all of their websites onto Google's front page.Regards, Wade
David LewisDavid Lewis
01:57 26 Nov 18
Excellent team, driven to provide the best digital marketing and web design. Very happy with the outcomes. We love our website and our customers do too.
Heather MacKenzieHeather MacKenzie
05:31 01 Oct 18
Very professional. Great results. We continue to use the services of this company. They have always shown the utmost professionalism when working with us. We will continue to recommend them. Thank you.

Choosing who does your Digital Marketing in Perth

Effective digital marketing in Perth

Most Perth business owners are aware that if they want their website to rank higher in Google then effective digital marketing is necessary.

The problem for most of them is that they do not know enough about digital marketing to be able to create and undertake a proper digital marketing strategy. This is before they even get to the point of considering the considerable amount of time it will take to plan, research, implement and monitor a professional digital marketing campaign.

For these reasons, and more, the sensible approach is to employ a digital marketing company that specialises in all aspects of digital marketing including SEO and Google Ads marketing. When we say ‘company’, it can often be the case that the company in question, is a one-person operation, and with others, it will be an agency with several employees. There are several differences between using either, which we are going to explore.

Using a Perth digital marketing company that consists of a single individual means you will be dealing with one person who is an expert in digital marketing. They should have experience in ranking websites and will most likely use a number of tools to conduct the research necessary to create your digital marketing plan. They are often called ‘digital marketing consultants’.

One of the advantages of outsourcing your digital marketing to an individual (or digital marketing consultant) is it is more likely that their fees will lower than if you employ a larger digital agency with professional staff. If your budget is extremely limited, then often this might be your only option.

Another consideration when hiring a freelancer is that you are most likely not their only client. If you are looking for relatively quick results, they may not be able to commit to working the number of hours needed to make that happen. That is not to say they won’t get results, but if the work involves multiple tasks like research, web site development, SEO planning, Google Ad management improved conversions, link building, and then monitoring all of it, it is easy to see why this could lead to production and result delays.

The alternative is to employ a Perth digital marketing company, such as Slinky Digital Agency that has an adequate level of employees to get the work done on time – and budget. There are two advantages of this which occur immediately. The first is that they have the resources in terms of time in order to complete tasks quicker, and they are more likely to be using a specialist on each element of the project. This means you will have a website design expert developing your website, and a keyword expert doing the keyword research.

In terms of communication and feedback, this is also going to be greatly enhanced using a digital marketing agency, such as Slinky Digital where you will contact just one project account manager, who is your key point of contact, and they will oversee your entire project. They may not actually be doing any of the tasks, but instead be managing and progressing each one as necessary to ensure the project runs smoothly and effectively.

A digital marketing agency is also likely to have greater resources in terms of the digital marketing tools they use, and the data they will rely upon to make decisions about your digital marketing campaigns. The monitoring they do on the many other projects they are working on now, or in the past, will give them very useful insights into what is working and what isn’t with respect to online marketing of your website.

The fees you pay to a Perth digital marketing company of this type will normally be higher than to an individual freelancer, however, as with most aspects of online marketing, it is the results which count. Bear in mind the better the results, the better the return on your investment, so it is not so much a matter of what you pay for your website’s digital marketing, it is what that investment will bring you in terms of increased visitors, conversions, sales, and profits.

Digital Marketing Conversion Management

Digital Marketing Conversion Management

The success of your Perth business online is closely tied with your lead conversion rate.

The higher the conversion rate, the more sales and profits you will generate. But this is often the biggest challenge to overcome.

Converting leads into sales is not easy.

The competition on the web is extremely aggressive and you never know what element on your website or other traffic generating sources forces the potential customer to leave the page and bounce off. It takes a split second for the potential customer to take bounce from your page. And once a potential customer is lost, you know you’ve lost a sale to your competitor.

To avoid this from happening to your business requires digital marketing conversion management! Our digital agency has the knowledge, the skills and the expertise to help you optimize your conversion rate and boost your profits.

Full-Scale Digital Marketing Conversion Management Services
Our Perth digital marketing team offer you full scale conversion management services that include management and monitoring of all the sources that generate traffic for your business online. Our conversion management specialists work diligently to improve the conversion rate and help reduce your cost per acquisition of a lead.

Digital Marketing Conversion Management – How We Ensure Conversion Rate Optimisation?
To maximize your Perth business conversion rate, our digital agency optimises every part of your digital marketing strategy including but not limited to:

  • Website optimisation
  • SEO
  • Google Ad campaigns
  • Landing pages
  • Email marketing
  • Social media

We leave no platform unturned to help you optimise your conversion rate and maximise your ROI.

Our Strategic Lead Conversion Approach
To ensure digital marketing conversion management excellence, our specialists sit with you to devise a flawless, strategic targeted and profit-driven online marketing strategy. We optimise each platform to ensure your long-term online business success.

One of the major reasons for high click throughs, high bounce rate and low conversion rate is that most online marketing strategies are not targeted. Such non-targeted strategies attract random traffic to the page. And as the generated traffic is not looking for what you have to offer, the traffic bounces off without converting.

Therefore, our specialists create targeted digital marketing strategies to ensure you only attract your target audience, not random traffic.

We don’t believe in guesswork. We believe in offering proven strategies that are bound to improve your conversion rate.

To ensure we deliver you as promised, our digital agency uses the latest digital marketing techniques and tactics such as AB split testing, UX testing, Multi-variant testing and other research tools. This helps us identify conversion gaps and implement changes in your website and other traffic driving sources that deliver optimum results.

Talk to our of our digital marketing specialists today.

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Digital Marketing Agency Solutions

It’s Time to Crush The Competition. We aim to create digital solutions that transform businesses and create exceptional brand experiences. Our digital marketing solutions are trusted by top brands. Our valuable guidance can take your online business to new heights.

Digital Marketing Perth

Slinky Digital Agency aim to provide you holistic digital marketing strategy advice that not only gets your business noticed but helps you crush competition.

So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with us now and take the online world by storm!

Whether you are struggling to increase your website visibility, create hype on social networks, reduce bounce rates, increase conversion ratio or need help with your online reputation, we can help you with all.

Read more about our industry here: Digital Marketing Association | SEO Perth Experts


These are some of the common questions that we are asked.

Both SEO and PPC (Google Ads) have their place in digital marketing but are used in very different ways. SEO is perfect for organic searches, establishing your domain authority, and building for the longer term. PPC, on the other hand, can bring immediate results and can be used to target very specific demographics such as location, age, and income.

PPC means you are paying for every click from the search engine to your website, and in order to continue getting visitors you need to keep paying. It can often require a very large budget, and certainly requires careful research and targeting of keywords so that the budget is used effectively.

SEO is often regarded as the free option, and while the traffic you receive costs nothing, it always makes sense to invest in proper SEO management to ensure that your website is optimised correctly for the search engines. As for which is cheaper, in most cases SEO should be in the longer term, since PPC traffic will always need to be paid for.

A/B testing also known as the split testing is the most effective and reliable method to test and identify the effective versions and design of your digital marketing campaigns. This method is also used to test marketing tactics on your website home page, landing pages, banner ads and call to actions.

By using A/B testing, we measure the actual behaviour of your visitors. According to the findings we draw from this testing method, we recommend you changes in web design, digital marketing campaign, site’s colour, the placement of call-to-action tabs, telephone numbers etc

A/B Testing Takes the Guesswork Out of Google Ad Optimisation. We don’t just randomly suggest digital marketing or design changes, we recommend you solid and result-driven changes based on in-depth and extensive A/B testing methodology. We provide you data-backed web design and digital marketing campaign changes.

The virtual world is highly-competitive and dynamic; websites and online marketing campaigns that worked in the past may not be as effective today. Therefore to ensure you stay competitive, grow, sustain and thrive, A/B testing will help.

So, to stay ahead of the competition with an edge, get in touch with us today! Our A/B testings service can help you optimise your Google Ads campaign and improve your conversion rate significantly!

The biggest challenge for businesses online is to persuade the generated leads into taking the desired call to action that convert into sales. This is what landing pages can help you achieve. A landing page is the second point of contact that you have with your potential customer after the potential customer views and clicks on your Google Ad.

Many businesses have a myopic approach. They only focus on the first point of contact which is the Google ad. However, the success of the Google digital marketing campaign lies in not the clicks – but the conversion rate. Click is the cost and conversion is return on investment.

To increase ROI, the Google digital marketing campaign has to be well-conceived and strategic. From the Google ad, the potential customer is directed to the landing page. The design and the appeal of your landing page can help you achieve your conversion goal.

At Slinky Digital, we are experienced at designing digital marketing landing pages that are bound to improve your conversion rate. To deliver you high converting landing pages, we have onboard the best and most experienced website designers and digital marketing experts in Australia. By using our wealth of experience, expertise and the latest techniques like A/B tests, UX tests and Multivariate tests, we design customised and profit driven digital marketing landing pages that help you achieve your conversion goals.

Our creative genius enables us to develop landing pages that engages and persuades the potential buyer to take the desired action. At Slinky Digital, we don’t shoot in the dark, we deliver you flawless and high converting landing pages based on thorough research.

Based on the test results from conversion testing, eye-tracking and motivational research, we create, design and develop impeccable and high converting landing pages. Our specialists pay attention to each element on the landing page including the page copy, design of the page, call to action buttons, their placement and more.

We use innovative imagery to control page visitor’s eye flow, emphasise the incentive, reduce anxiety of the visitor by writing compelling copy that builds trust and focus on the visitor’s attention on the call to action.

Some more of the wonderful clients we have worked with

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