SEO Services

SEO Services

We use organic SEO techniques inline with Google's guidelines, which allows us to create smart and effective online marketing strategies that can help you rank high on all popular search engines.
Google Ads

Google Ads

We can deliver a highly effective Google ads (pay-per-click) campaign with our team of skilled professionals. Our aim is to always get you a superior return-on-investment.
Free Website Analysis

Free Website Analysis

Our expert digital marketing team will analyse your website and give you a free analysis, together with a proposed plan of action. Start growing your business today.

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Slinky Digital is a digital marketing company based in Perth dedicated to providing 360° customized online marketing solutions and expert seo services to businesses and individuals across diverse industry verticals in the fastest possible time at an affordable price. We are trusted by top brands.

We offer you strategic, planned and unique digital marketing solutions to help increase your online business visibility, attract heavy and targeted web traffic, improve click through and conversion rates, increase sales and help improve your overall business profitability. We help you create a strong brand identity on the web through well conceived end to end online marketing strategies that drive impressive customer engagement and build outstanding brand loyalty.

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Digital marketing services

With Slinky Digital web marketing, you can choose from a comprehensive suite of our cutting edge digital marketing services including SEO, Google Ads Management, Social Media, UX Design, Conversion Optimisation and more.

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A boutique digital marketing agency trusted by top brands.
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Professional SEO Services
We have been providing professional SEO services in Perth for over 20 years.
Google Ads
Are you struggling to generate more targeted leads? We will get you a higher CTR & ROI.
Social Media Marketing
We provide you with strategic social media solutions that create buzz & drive customer engagement.
SEO Consulting
We are experienced SEO consultants able to offer you a full-spectrum of professional SEO services.
Consulting Services
Consulting Services
Get A Professional SEO Consultant On The Job Today!
Digital Strategy
Digital Strategy
Targeted Digital Strategy - Increase Your Online Visibility
Conversion Optimisation
Conversion Optimisation
Convert More of Your Traffic To Customers

We provide intelligent online marketing solutions for growing brands.

At Slinky Digital, we strive to devise & develop customized, flawless and result driven online marketing solutions according to your business needs and corporate goals.

Whether you are struggling to increase your website visibility, create hype on social networks, reduce bounce rates, increase conversion ratio or need help with your online reputation, we can help you with all.

We aim to create digital solutions that transform businesses and create exceptional brand experiences.

Frequently asked questions (faq’s)

What is it most people want to know?

The services each individual marketing agency will offer may differ slightly from company to company but you should expect them all to offer a similar set of core services.

The primary one is likely to be search engine optimisation (SEO) which involves a comprehensive strategy and several actions to try and improve the search engine rankings of the client’s company website. Another core service will be pay per click advertising (PPC), and this is most likely going to focus on Google Ads, although there are other PPC networks.

Additional services that can be employed separately, although more likely in conjunction with the above, will be content management, link building, conversion optimisation, and reputation management.

It absolutely is, and in fact, not only is it still effective, if done correctly, it can boost a company’s revenue significantly. One of the reasons for this is that with many email platforms and autoresponder services able to sift out spam and bogus us emails better than ever before, it means that genuine emails have a greater chance of being seen by your email subscribers.

Email is a great way to build trust with your email subscribers and creating a long-term relationship with them, provided that the content you send them by email isn’t a constant stream of sales messages. Company updates, product launches, useful advice, competitions and free ‘give-aways’ are just of the positive ways that effective email marketing can be used.

While it is not essential, if you don’t have a blog you are missing a great opportunity to communicate with visitors to your website, create trust with them, and enhance your brand. On top of that, there is also the boost to your SEO that having excellent content on your website in the form of your blog can provide.

If you are concerned that you do not have the time or would struggle to come with ideas to write about, then be assured these can both be overcome. The easiest way to do so is to employ a third party to take care of your content management, including your blog. A digital marketing agency will have a team of writers who can produce high-quality content for your blog on a regular basis, allowing you to get on with running your business.

Content marketing is utilising useful, educational, and interesting information on your website to build and retain a loyal audience. This free content, which you publish on your website, can be in many forms such as a blog articles, videos, infographics and page content. This content may not necessarily try to sell anything, but it plays an important role in taking potential customers through your marketing funnel, and towards a sale.

A marketing funnel is the journey along which your customers travel from the first instant they see your brand or product, through and until the point, when they purchase your product or service. Some marketing companies even extend this to where that customer becomes an advocate for your brand.

Although the principle points within a marketing funnel may be similar across any market sector, the specifics of each company’s will be different. For example, building the brand is a universal necessity, but where one company might focus on email marketing to do that, another might utilise social media.

This is why using a digital marketing agency to create and build your marketing funnel is so important, so that the key points within it are done in the right way, and the customer journey ultimately brings positive action.

PPC stands for pay per click advertising and it is a form of marketing that can bring instant traffic to your website if you have the marketing budget available to pay for the ads. The primary player within PPC is Google Ads which is understandable, given that Google accounts for over 90% of search engine traffic.

Unlike newspaper or magazine ads where you simply pay to be seen, PPC is based on the keywords that someone types into a search box. For example, if someone types in ‘Digital Agency Perth‘, and you have a PPC ad set up for those keywords, then if you have bid enough, your ad will be seen before others.

This means that if your ad appears, and they then click it, you pay, but the benefit is that person is now being redirected to your website, and there’s greater chance of the person searching, being interested in your brand and products.

While that hopefully sounds straightforward enough, setting up PPC ads so that they are effective, rather than just a drain on your funds, requires skills and knowledge. Factors such as what keywords to bid on, how much those bids should be, and what copy to write in your ads, are just some of the key elements that should be entrusted to a professional digital marketing company.

Sponsored content is written content which a company pays for to appear on the pages of another website in the hope of boosting their brand. In appearance and placement, the content often looks like editorial content that the website has written. The giveaway will often be a small tagline that says, ‘Brought to you by…’, or ‘ Presented by…’ and then the name of the brand who created the content. Social media sites like Facebook have some of the largest sponsored content platforms on the internet.

Conversion rate optimisation is the process, and the actions taken, to ensure that when a visitor lands on a website, everything is in place to encourage them to take a desired action. This could be a sale, them filling out an email opt-in form, completing a survey, or indeed any of the many actions that a business might want a visitor to take.

Poor conversion rate optimisation is one of the biggest errors companies make, whereby they spend their marketing budget driving traffic to their website, and then despair when visitors quickly leave again. Effectively optimising a website for conversions is one of the top services offered by digital marketing companies.

A lead magnet is simply something you offer for free in return for a visitor adding their email address or other information to a form on your website. What they can be is almost limitless but obviously they need to be useful and related to your business. Examples are a report, a free quote or estimate, an instruction video, a free course or a discount coupon.

Due to the diversity of how different social media sites work, and their audiences, it is important that you seek advice on which ones your type of business should be on.

There are some basic rules such as business to business companies being on LinkedIn, whereas businesses that sell to the masses are often best suited to Facebook. However, there is a lot more to it than that, and each individual business owner should get advice from a digital marketing agency, who can go as far as fulfilling all their social media marketing.

Inbound marketing is the strategy of providing solutions to your audience, that takes many forms, although it will mainly be high-quality content. These include social media, blogs, online events, branding and SEO. Whereas outbound marketing will look to place a product or service in front of a customer via advertising, inbound marketing seeks to engage the customers, inform them, entertain them and ultimately build a relationship to the point where the customer sees that brand as the only solution.

You are strongly advised NOT to buy a email list for several reasons. First, it is likely going to be a very low-quality list with many false or deactivated emails. Second, the people on that list may not be interested in your business. Third, you will almost certainly get flagged as sending spam, because none of these people agreed to be sent your emails. Fourth your autoresponder service will probably close your account if they discover you are adding purchased lists. Bottom line…do not buy email lists!

SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer, and it is a digital certificate that is used to confirm and authenticate a website’s identity. It is also used to encrypt information which is sent to the server on which the website is hosted. You can identify a website that has SSL, by looking at the address bar which will have ‘https’ at the front of the URL. A website without SSL will not have the ‘s’ at the end. You should have one because, in these days of data theft etc., Google sees having SSL as important, and it is now a ranking factor.

Yes, it is true, although the terminology used is ‘delisted’. This occurs if Google analyses your website and detects that you are using ‘black-hat’ SEO techniques to try and game their search engine rankings. These include, but are not limited to, using link farms to build backlinks, cloaking content, scraping content, and keyword stuffing.

To avoid delisting, and to ensure that your SEO is both effective, and in line with Google’s guidelines, it is always best to use the services of a digital marketing agency, who can plan, create and implement your entire SEO campaign.

If by immediate, you mean within a few minutes, or at worst a few hours then, yes it can. The big caveat though is it will only happen if your Google Ads campaign has been properly planned and implemented. Simply putting up random ads with no keyword research, and bidding in the dark is a recipe for losing all your ad spend and getting no discernible results.

It is a fact that across the internet 96% of visitors do not buy on their first visit to a website. That is a lot of visitors that you’ve made the effort, possibly via SEO, to get to your website, so you need some way of getting them back. That is what retargeting can do for you.

By placing content and advertising relevant to your business on other popular websites, or ones related to yours, technology such as tracking pixels or cookies, will display them when a visitor is on those websites.

It may be that they do not immediately click through and come to your website, but they could. Worse case is that you are keeping your brand awareness in their mind so that whenever they do decide it is time to buy, yours is the one they seek out again.

Negative keywords are words and phrases that are included in your Google Ads or other PPC advertising campaign, that you do not want your ad to show for. Common ones are ‘free’ or ‘discount’. For example, if you sold luxury car engine tuning in Perth, but had ‘free’ as one of your negative keywords, any time someone typed in, ‘BMW engine tuning Perth’, your ad might appear, but if they added ‘free’ to the front of their search, it would not.

If you do not have any plans to expand your business or it is more of a hobby than a commercial enterprise, then a template might suffice. However, if you run a proper business and want to see the business move forward, then the only option is to have a proper website built by a professional.

It may be that your current website was custom built, and rather than needing a new website, your current one just needs to be properly optimised in terms of its structure and content. This is a service provided by digital marketing agencies, and one where the returns on investment in terms of traffic and conversions can be enormous.

Absolutely. YouTube just happens to be the second biggest search engine on the internet so if your product and services lend themselves to video then it can be an excellent source of traffic. Even if you offer an intangible service, such as accounting, or legal services, there is still plenty of opportunities to create informative videos for the sort of questions that get asked.

If your videos are optimised in the correct way, they could not only go to the top of YouTube’s search ranking, but Google’s too. YouTube is owned by Google, and while that’s no guarantee that a video on YouTube will rank well on Google, having a very popular video on YouTube can be.

It certainly can, but only if it has a properly structured SEO plan in place. By plan, we mean that keyword research has been conducted and that the subsequent actions such as building backlinks, and website optimisation have been done correctly. The key is that rather than trying to compete with huge companies for searches that get tens of thousands of searches, you target the type of search that someone living locally would type in.

An example would be if someone wanted SEO Services and they lived in the Perth area. Rather than simply typing the search ‘SEO Services’, they may search for ‘SEO Services Perth’ or ‘SEO Experts Perth‘. These may not get searched for that often but if you optimise for them you are going to be near the top of the search engine results for them.

Local SEO is a very specialised marketing skill and trying to do it on your own has many pitfalls. If you genuinely want to rank on Google for local searches, then you really must employ a digital marketing company who will have the knowledge and experience to make it work successfully.