10 Effective Strategies To Guarantee The Success Of Your Email Marketing

Within digital marketing some techniques and strategies come and go, often cast aside due to an update Google makes to its algorithm. One such tactic was article marketing which utilised sites like Ezine Articles. Despite many excellent articles being published, Google decided that links from the articles there should effectively be ignored.

However, many digital marketing strategies have been successful for many years, and if you ask digital marketing experts, most will tell you that they will continue to be so. Some examples include great web design, SEO, content marketing, and the one we are going to focus on here, email marketing.

We are not exaggerating when we say businesses worth tens of millions of dollars have been built almost solely as a result of email marketing. One of the appeals of email marketing is it is something anyone can do in the sense that everyone is capable of writing and sending an email.

However, it is also true that not everyone knows how to write and send an email that can market a product or service, build trust with subscribers, and ensure that their subscriber list looks forward to the next email.

Further, many business owners do not know how to create an effective email marketing campaign that can guarantee results. To attempt to change that, we have put together ten highly effective email marketing strategies that can guarantee the success of an email marketing campaign.

Use A Reliable Email Autoresponder

From the first email you send, you must do it professionally and that is where the use of an autoresponder is essential. You might question this when you only have half a dozen subscribers, but believe us when we say you will understand when you are managing an email campaign being sent to hundreds of subscribers and most definitely when you expand this to thousands.

Make Sure You Use Personalisation With Every Email

One of the dangers when using email marketing is that you can forget that each email is being opened by an individual and do nothing to make them feel as though the email was sent directly and only to them. You can counter this by using the personalisation tools within your autoresponder with a minimum being to use the subscriber’s name in the subject or opening lines

Use Subject Lines That Spark Attention And Interest

All your subscribers will likely have an inbox that receives multiple emails around the clock. When they find the time to look at their emails, the last thing you want is for yours to be indistinguishable from the rest and deleted without even being opened. The cure for this is creating subject lines that grab attention immediately and the more outrageous, attention-grabbing, and thought-provoking they are, the better.

Experiment With Different Email Lengths

One scenario you do not want to encourage is your subscribers becoming bored with your emails and that can happen if every email is the same length. Avoid this by mixing up the length of your emails and that includes sending a very short email of only a few lines. This keeps subscribers alert to your email as they do not see the same-sized emails every time.

Mix Up The Email Formats That You Send

Sticking with the goal of keeping your emails interesting for your subscribers, apart from varying their length, an even more effective way to achieve this is to vary the email formats. By that, we mean changing what the emails offer when opened. such as one being a newsletter, another being a request for feedback, and the next being a product update, for example.

Ensure The Content Within Your Email Is Valuable To Subscribers

Even if you vary the lengths and formats of your emails, this will still not guarantee your subscribers will find them interesting, especially if the content within your emails is dull, boring, and provides little benefit to them. Your emails should be relevant to your audience, provide them with value, engage with them, and prove to be a valuable resource that they will wish to remain subscribed to.

When You Have A Call To Action At The End Of An Email, It Must Be Clear

Not every email must have a call to action, but you can include one in each if you wish. However, what the calls to action must be if do use one in an email is clear in terms of what you want your subscribers to do next. In many cases, the call to action will refer to a link in your email although not every link should be to make a purchase. You may want them to download a free report, or visit your YouTube channel to watch a video, for example.

Check Your Emails Render Properly On Mobile Devices

Just as happens with websites, emails will render differently on mobile devices with their small screens and the danger is them not displaying properly. Fix this by checking before sending an email how it looks on mobile devices which is a tool most autoresponders provide.

Segment Your Subscriber List

This is a somewhat advanced strategy, which is highly effective at increasing the conversion rate of emails and the success of your email marketing campaign. It is achieved by segmenting your subscriber list into sublists based on actions taken by individual subscribers such as clicking a link or making a purchase. This is how you can make your emails to each segmented sublist even more relevant.

Continually Test And Refine Throughout Your Email Campaign

As with any digital marketing strategy, you want to have some means of measuring the success of your email marketing campaigns. To this end, you should use the data from your autoresponder relating to open rates and conversion statistics to see which emails are the most effective and use that to improve future emails.

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