10 Strategies For 2023 That Can Positively Impact Your Digital Marketing Campaigns

There are lots of industries where changes happen at a relatively slow pace, with criminal law being one example and others where something new occurs almost every week, and in that latter group, we have to include digital marketing.

When you consider that online marketing did not exist as a concept a mere thirty years ago, yet today it is a multi-billion dollar industry that employs hundreds of thousands and is used by almost every business you could name, from the largest multi-national giant corporation to the one-person dog groomer possibly working just a few streets from where you are reading this.

A further point we must make is that digital marketing is experienced by everyone who goes online, whether via their mobile device or home computer. Given that the number of online transactions increases every year, you can be certain that every hour of every day, digital marketers and digital agencies are exploring new ways to expand the range of techniques and strategies used for marketing online.

This means there are numerous digital marketing trends, some of which arrive and remain a mainstay and others that are no more than a short-lived phenomenon. Accordingly, trying to keep up to date with these digital marketing trends can be difficult, so to help make that task easier for you, here are ten trending digital marketing strategies that can significantly enhance your online marketing campaigns in 2023.

Increasing The Use Of Influencers

Online influencers are those individuals who have an audience who listen to and act upon the content they produce. They do not have to be famous celebrities, in fact, there is an argument that it is better if they are not. Instead, enrolling someone who is respected and carries some authority within your niche is the best option. Using them as part of your digital marketing increases your business’s credibility amongst your target audience.

More Creativity In Social Media Content

Online attention spans are short, and when it comes to social media, people become bored by seeing the same content time and again. This is why an important digital marketing trend in 2023 is to show more creativity when producing and publishing social media content. Catching attention quickly should be a goal, plus telling stories continues to increase in popularity.

Being Present On More Social Media Channels

There was a time when many businesses could see good results from their online social media marketing based upon them publishing content on just one or two social media platforms, but that is often no longer the case. Having your business seen on as many social media platforms as is feasible for you is the best option so that as many people as possible see or hear of it in many different ways.

Boosting The Levels Of Authority Projected

You may have seen the term ‘E-A-T’ being used in content relating to SEO and ranking on Google, and if you are not sure what this means, the answer is Expertise, Authority and Trustworthiness. These are three extremely important signals Google wants to find when it assesses the content on a website.

Google has recently expanded E-A-T to E-E-A-T with the addition of Experience, so ensure that you do all you can within your website, especially your content, to show Google you and your business have them in abundance.

Utilising Real-Time Messaging And Chatbots

Internet users in 2023 are an impatient bunch, and that is why any time they request help or information from your website, for example, the response needs to be fast or, better still, instantaneous. For this reason, businesses increasingly utilise technology that provides real-time messaging and text responses via chatbots.

These give your website visitors instant gratification, and the interactivity enhances their user experience, which can help boost your search engine rankings on Google.

Offering Interactive Digital Catalogues

In 2023, anything you can include in your digital marketing that offers interactivity will bring positive results. One option proving to be a real winner is an interactive digital catalogue. This is especially so if the user can purchase directly from that digital catalogue. They are aesthetically pleasing and a great way to engage with your audience far more effectively than merely offering downloadable pdfs.

Publishing Short Videos

You cannot have escaped the trend of shorter videos becoming ever more widespread online and increasingly so on websites that were previously only serving up long videos. Short videos can now be found on YouTube, Facebook, and of course, there is the top short video site TikTok, which has over 1 billion monthly users. Short videos are easy to create, do not require editing, can be published quickly, and online users love them.

Live Streaming

There are few forms of online content whose use and popularity are growing faster than live streaming. Online users love live streaming, with many businesses waking up to this fact and including live streaming in their digital marketing campaigns.

Live streaming gives your audience, many potential and existing customers, a unique way to interact with your business. If you follow the example set by some businesses you can even sell ‘live’ to your audience, including enabling them to process their purchases whilst your live stream is being watched.

Optimising For Voice Search

This trend is another that seeks to satisfy Google and its constant quest to improve its search results while helping to improve your website’s rankings. Google’s technology is improving at understanding human language, with voice search becoming more important.

This means that you should seek to include keyword phrases in your content that people speak rather than type, especially given how many voice-activated devices are now used, such as Alexa and Siri.

Greater Personalisation

Our final digital marketing trend for 2023 is personalisation. Here, we are not just talking about getting individuals to enter their name in an opt-in box so that all subsequent email content they receive has their name at the top, but strategies more advanced than this. Examples include email follow-ups based on previous actions of the user, personalised offers based on the user entering their preferences, and product recommendations based upon previous purchases.

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