3 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Campaign Is Failing

3 Reasons Why Your Google Ads Campaign Is Failing

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to drive high-quality targeted traffic to a website, so if that is the case, why do so many businesses fail to make it work for them? Some of the more basic reasons for this can be attributed to factors like insufficient budget or trying to operate within a highly saturated market. There are other reasons which can cause a campaign to fail, that are more attributable to the specific elements of how Google Ads work. We are going to look at three of the most important because if you get one or more of these wrong, your Google Ads campaign is almost certain to fail. Poorly Designed Landing Page This is certainly one of the most common reasons for a Google Ads campaign to fail. Despite good keyword research, excellently written ads, and clever bidding, if, when the traffic these generate are sent to a landing page that won't convert, your efforts, and your ad budget, are simply wasted. We'd have to write a dozen pages to properly explain what it takes to make a good landing page, but some of the basics include relevant content, a clear call to action, attractive imagers, and trust signals. If web design isn't your thing then outsource to a website development company that not only can redesign your landing page, but they can also make it convert too. (more…)

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5 Tips For Creating A Modern Website In 2019

Following modern web design trends is a great way to keep your website looking fresh and interesting in a rapidly evolving digital world. Every year we see new technology and new design trends become more popular. With this in mind, I’ve done extensive research to come up with a list of the top modern website design features of 2019. From this list, I’ve put together a list of my top five tips for building a modern website in 2019. These include:

  1. Consider Using 3D Illustrations
Although 3D illustration isn’t a technique that we often associate with the internet and web design, it actually works very well. Ever improving design technology means that it’s easier than ever to build attractive 3D designs, and it’s something I’d recommend considering for your website. Essentially, 3D illustrations add a sense of depth and realism to graphic elements. They are often more attractive than traditional 2D designs, which improves the overall user experience and will basically help boost your website’s popularity and drive more traffic. (more…)

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Choosing A WordPress Hosting Provider

If you’re thinking about building a new WordPress website, you need to make sure that you start with the basics. One of the most important things to do is to choose a reliable web hosting provider, on whose servers you will store your website and all of its files. Unfortunately, choosing a hosting provider can be hard, particularly if you don’t really know what you’re looking for. There are literally hundreds of different choices out there, which can be overwhelming. To help you make your choice, I’ve put together a short list of the most important things to consider when you’re choosing a WordPress hosting provider. They include: How Big You Expect Your Website To Be If you’re planning on building a larger website with high traffic and a lot of content, then you need to make sure that you’re using a hosting provider that can keep up. In this case, cheap shared hosting won’t be enough, as the servers that you’re paying for simply won’t have enough resources to keep up with your site’s demands. On the other hand, if you’re just building a small site that you don’t expect to get a lot of traffic, then cheap shared hosting should be more than enough. (more…)

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5 Ways to Boost the Domain Authority of Your Website

Domain Authority or ‘DA’ is a number which suggests how much authority your website has in the eyes of the search engines. DA’s importance with regards to SEO is quite simple in terms of ranking, in that the higher the DA, the higher you can expect to rank, although it must be considered along with other ranking factors. It was the highly respected SEO software service, MOZ, which introduced Domain Authority and although DA is not the only way in which website authority is measured, it is widely used and recognised. Generally, Domain Authority is scored on a scale from 0 to 100, so a brand-new website will have a DA of 0, whilst the highest DA currently is Facebook’s, which is the maximum of 100. (more…)

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3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads

When it comes to online paid advertising the clear number one platform in terms of revenue is Google Ads.  It generates a comparable amount of revenue to the second and third and fourth-placed platforms combined. When you consider that these just happen to be Facebook, Alibaba, and Amazon, it is an even more remarkable feat. The fact that it is the top online advertising platform does not necessarily mean that Google Ads should be chosen just for that reason although it is certainly a signal that it produces results if businesses invest so much of their ad spend into it. There are more reasons which will resonate more with what business owners which to achieve. Highly Targeted Advertising With most media advertising the targeting is very broad. Even having an ad in a niche magazine about pets is going to be shown to pet owners of all kinds, which isn't a great help if you are trying to sell a dog training course. It is being seen by owners of cats, birds, fish, and reptiles. Even many dog owners aren't going to be that interested if they've already got a well-behaved dog. Compare that to Google Ads where you can set up ads for specific search terms like 'dog training course’ and write the ad copy so it speaks directly to someone who is looking for a course to help them train their dog. Now apply this principle to the products and services you wish to sell, and you will see that you can use Google Ads to finely tune your campaign to be as specific as you wish in order to target the correct customers. (more…)