3 Reasons Why Your Business Should Use Google Ads

When it comes to online paid advertising the clear number one platform in terms of revenue is Google Ads.  It generates a comparable amount of revenue to the second and third and fourth-placed platforms combined. When you consider that these just happen to be Facebook, Alibaba, and Amazon, it is an even more remarkable feat.

The fact that it is the top online advertising platform does not necessarily mean that Google Ads should be chosen just for that reason although it is certainly a signal that it produces results if businesses invest so much of their ad spend into it. There are more reasons which will resonate more with what business owners which to achieve.

Highly Targeted Advertising

With most media advertising the targeting is very broad. Even having an ad in a niche magazine about pets is going to be shown to pet owners of all kinds, which isn’t a great help if you are trying to sell a dog training course. It is being seen by owners of cats, birds, fish, and reptiles. Even many dog owners aren’t going to be that interested if they’ve already got a well-behaved dog.

Compare that to Google Ads where you can set up ads for specific search terms like ‘dog training course’ and write the ad copy so it speaks directly to someone who is looking for a course to help them train their dog. Now apply this principle to the products and services you wish to sell, and you will see that you can use Google Ads to finely tune your campaign to be as specific as you wish in order to target the correct customers.

Be In Total Control

One of the greatest benefits of a Google Ads campaign is that you are total control of it. When we say ‘you’ that could also apply to the PPC agency who you’ve employed to manage it. Either way, the keywords can be whatever you wish them to be, following research into which will be the most effective. The ad copy can be written to suit your target audience, and split tested to see which version works best.

Other factors that you have control over is the amount you bid for each keyword. This will also follow detailed research, and can take account of what your competitors are bidding, with the potential ROI based on the products and services the ads are promoting also considered. You also have options to pause a campaign and restart it again to take account of seasonality, or your business’s capacity to deal with the number of orders received, for example.

Suits All Budgets

The diversity in terms of the size and wealth of the businesses which use Google Ads successfully is massive. Whilst there are certainly multinational corporations that use Google Ads, there are even more small and local businesses that use it, and in many cases with more success. By that, we do not mean that they outsell the giants of their industry, but by implementing a properly planned and effective Google Ads campaign they can outsell their closest competitors.

This is achieved by proper research in terms of keywords, effective targeting, and use of ad copy which attracts clicks. Further to that, their landing pages are also optimised to convert. These conversions help to improve their Quality Score in the eyes of Google which helps boost the number of times their ad is displayed.

While not unique to Google Ads, one of the greatest benefits it has is the ability for businesses to outsource all the work necessary to create an effective campaign. Keyword research, ad copy, website development, conversion optimisation are just some of the pillars of a Google Ads campaign that works, and these are just a few of the skills and best practices a professional digital marketing agency will be able to offer you.

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