4 Ways To Turn Visitors To Your Dental Website Into Paying Clients

One of the most important, and sometimes most difficult tasks you have concerning your dental practice’s website is getting visitors to it. Whether you choose to go the organic route and invest in a highly effective SEO strategy, or you choose to invest in paid advertising such as Google Ads, or even both, you are taking a huge step forward in securing the success of your online marketing.

Having a steady stream of visitors, regardless of what online channel they come from, is highly laudable for any business, including your dental practice. It puts you well ahead of most similar businesses in your sector that do not try or do not know how to maximise the online traffic they acquire.

However, before you celebrate too much about that achievement, we may have to temper it slightly because you might be in the situation that many dental website owners find themselves in, and that is having plenty of website traffic but not seeing any discernible difference or advantage to your business.

In the case of your dental practice, these would manifest themselves as visitors taking action on your website, which could be entering their email address, calling the practice to register, or filling in a form. Whatever the action you wish your website, visitors to take, are they doing so, or is the ratio of action takers to visitors very small?

If it is the latter of those two scenarios, then there is a problem on your website: a lack of conversions. A conversion on your dental practice website is not a sale as it would be on an eCommerce website, but visitors becoming prospects or ultimately registered patients of your dental practice.

There can be several reasons for these not happening, and we could write ten articles on the subject and still not cover every one of them. However, we can give you four key actions you can take which have proven to boost conversions on websites that are struggling to convert, and we are sure that will also be the case on your dental practice website if you follow these actions.

#1 – Ensure Your Website Is Fully Functional

One thing is certain: if any aspects of your website generate error messages or cause your website to crash, visitors will be gone almost immediately. You must check your website regularly to ensure everything works as it should, and if not, take steps to fix the problem. This is especially true of your internal links.

Refresh Your Content

You can hardly expect visitors to your website to remain there for long and take desirable actions if the content they find there is poor. You must publish new content regularly and ensure its quality is of a standard that induces those reading it to want to consume it and more. Also, mix up the types of content you publish to include graphics, audio, and video.

Upgrade Your Images

The visual elements of your website play a significant role in user experience, and the better it is, the better results that are produced. As such, you should assess not only the images you are using but also the overall visual appearance of your website. If you are not impressed with them, neither will your visitors be and so it is time for a graphics revamp and new, more appealing images to be used.

Ensure Calls To Action Are Specific

Conversion rates on your website rely on the calls to action you have, and it is often here where many of the problems lie in a poorly converting website. We regularly see websites with vague, ambiguous calls to action or worse, no calls to action. Every call to action should be clear and specific, taking visitors to the logical next step in becoming new patients.

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