7 Ways The Latest Digital Marketing Trends Can Boost Sales Revenue In 2023

There are several reasons why a business will instigate a digital marketing campaign, such as increasing brand awareness, building an email subscriber list, and launching a new product or service. However, most of them aim to gain sales for the business and thus increase its revenue and profitability.

These sales can be gained immediately with a digital marketing campaign designed to take potential customers directly to a sales or checkout page and for them to make a purchase. Alternatively, a digital campaign might not result in a purchase immediately but instead seek to gain potential clients and take them through a sales funnel. This is often more applicable to services and high-ticket products.

Whatever the path a prospect takes as a result of a digital marketing campaign, within that campaign, one or more techniques and strategies are employed. Some of these will be tried and tested marketing and online tactics that are evergreen. However, there will also be some that are more recent and part of the latest trends in digital marketing. Here are seven trends currently popular among digital marketers in boosting sales for their clients.


Using their name is one of the best techniques to build rapport with anyone. Email marketers believe getting a subscriber’s name is as important as getting their email address. When subscribers see their name in the subject lines and opening lines, they are likelier to open and read the email.

All of this points to increased digital marketing efforts to create more personalised campaigns for target audiences. This can include tailoring content to audience interests, publishing information applicable to their location, and allowing the audience to select options that will make the content they see and consume more specific to their likes and interests.


Chatbots have been around for some. However, their use is increasing exponentially in digital marketing and sales campaigns. Part of the reason for this is the advancements in the technology used for chatbots, including AI technology. This means that today’s chatbots have far greater options for answering requests and questions, and those replies will match more closely to what the user is seeking.

Now, instead of having an uninspiring FAQ page or employing an entire team of human responders, companies can use chatbot technology to interact with prospects and hopefully get those prospects to take the next step to become paid customers.

Local SEO

Local SEO is not a new concept, but incredibly, there are still business owners who are not aware of the benefit of launching a local SEO campaign to boost their sales despite the ever-increasing results that those who do use local SEO are achieving.

Recent research has shown that the conversion rates for local searches in 2023 can be as high as 80%, which means if you run a local business that needs leads and new prospects, then you have to get on board with local SEO. Additionally, ensuring you claim your ‘Google Business Profile’ can give you a prime location on the first page of Google, which is where every business wants to be.

Marketing Promotions Early

There is a phrase that states, ‘The early bird catches the worm’ which, in effect, means whoever is first to do something normally gets the best results. If we apply that to digital marketing, there are plenty of opportunities for you to launch a digital marketing campaign that will give you a huge head start over your competition and, ideally, with regard to sales figures.

Prime opportunities include Black Friday, which has gone from just something that occurs in the USA after Thanksgiving to something embraced worldwide. You should be thinking about this campaign in the summer months and launching it in October. Likewise, plans for Christmas marketing should begin at least two months prior so everything is in place and ready to launch soon after your Black Friday campaign.

Video Shorts

It is no secret that video can play a huge role in successful digital marketing campaigns, but how they can be used is evolving. In 2023, one of the ways this evolution is happening is with huge growth in the use and popularity of short videos. These videos are usually less than 1 minute and often as short as 10 to 15 seconds.

Many of the largest sites online are embracing and indeed encouraging the use of short videos, such as YouTube and Facebook, and, given the ease with which you can create short videos, it is a digital marketing tool that you should be using in 2023 to boost sales.

User-Generated Content

You will see millions of words written about why and how businesses should be creating content for their audience, with one obvious reason why being to satisfy the search engines to gain higher rankings. However, a current trend is for a form of content creation that does not rely on the business to create it.

We are talking about user-generated content, which can help significantly boost a business’s credibility and trustworthiness. The types of user-generated content most in vogue are reviews and recommendations, but we are not just talking about a customer giving a product 5 stars. Additionally, encourage your audience to share social media posts, post blog comments, and even write a summary praising your brand, all of which can help sales conversions increase.


‘If at first, you don’t succeed, try, try again’ has been a mantra used universally to encourage people not to give up if their first attempt fails. This applies absolutely to digital marketing and sales campaigns and is why a trend that is becoming more popular each year is retargeting. The basic principle of retargeting is that if a prospect lands on your website or another online property, such as your social media page, and does not take action, you retarget them.

In practice, this could mean that when they visit another website, for example, if you have a retargeting campaign, they could see ads promoting the same product or service they were looking at previously. This keeps it at the front of their mind, and if they see your ads repeatedly as they traverse the internet, it can be enough to spark them into eventually making a purchase.

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