How To Run Google Ads For Your Family Law Practice Without Spending A Fortune

How To Run Google Ads For Your Family Law Practice Without Spending A Fortune

One of the quickest ways you can drive traffic to your family lawyer’s website is with paid advertising, and the most popular of those is Google Ads. Google Ads has been providing businesses with a quick and straightforward way to promote themselves on Google’s search engine and other partner websites for years, and you may recall it being called Google AdWords in the past.

Despite it being a relatively simple process to set up ads, many business owners pass it to a local digital marketing agency to get their ads created and then manage them so that the ads are continuously optimised for the best results possible. Unfortunately, even though there are such agencies to do the work, some businesses remain reluctant to try Google Ads.

For some, their hesitance is not related to setting up ads but their fears about how much running Google Ads will cost them. This is understandable given that paid advertising in all its forms can be costly, and whilst most will generate a handsome return on that investment, there are no guarantees of success.

Daily Budget Limit

Google Ads is the ideal solution for those with a limited budget, whether it is a genuine lack of funds or simply that you do not want to commit too much to an ad campaign until it has been proven to work. Either way, Google Ads allows you to set a daily budget limit so that no matter what happens over the month, the daily average spend should never be above that limit.

Suppose you see your ads are working well and generating quality traffic. In that case, you can gradually increase your daily budget and check your data to see if each increase is reflected in the increased traffic to your website until you hit an optimum level.

Effective Keyword Targeting

The basis of Google Ads is keywords whereby you will bid on each keyword you believe those interested in hiring a family lawyer in your catchment area would enter into Google. The most entered searches will attract the highest bids, and those keywords that are not searched for as often will have lower recommendations.

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7 Tips To Improve User Experience On Your Website For Better Google Rankings

7 Tips To Improve User Experience On Your Website For Better Google Rankings

Within the world of digital marketing, there are numerous acronyms and abbreviations used, with SEO being one of the most known, and most important. Hopefully, you are aware that SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and within this field, there are even more abbreviations, such as SERP, (Search Engine Results Page), DA (Domain Authority), TF (Trust Flow), and the one which we are going to focus on here, UX (User Experience)

UX has become an integral part of the language and the activities within SEO, and the reason for that is that a great user experience has become a hugely influential part of what Google seeks to achieve with its search results. Google can only survive if people go there to search for something online, and one of the key ways Google hopes to continue that is by generating the best possible search results for its users.

A way it seeks to meet this objective is by ensuring that the results it displays are websites that give those users who click through to them a great experience. Google has several parameters by which it determines good and bad user experience, and thus website owners need to know these if they are to achieve and maintain high rankings on Google.

If you are a website owner you might already be doing some of these by default, however, it is far better if you know what factors Google includes in its determination of UX, and more importantly, how you can ensure you maximise them on your website. Here are seven tips to achieve these.

Tip #1 – Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Today, you can access the internet in far more ways than a mere 5 years ago. Now, even the watch on your wrist can connect you to the internet. This trend to mobile internet access shows no sign of slowing down, and that includes Google now prioritising mobile versions of websites and mobile access. Add to this the fact that more people go online via their mobile device than their desktop PC, which means your website must be mobile-friendly or its rankings will plummet.

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How To Ensure Your Bridal Business's Branding Stands Out Against Your Competition

How To Ensure Your Bridal Business’s Branding Stands Out Against Your Competition

In most places, the level of commercial competition within the bridal retail market is considerable. Given that the bridal market in Australia is estimated to be worth upwards of 350 million Australian dollars annually, it is understandable why so many bridal businesses want a share of that considerable financial pie.

To do so, each bridal business must market and promote itself effectively; there is no shortage of ways to do that. However, underpinning any digital marketing campaign, there must be a solid foundation: the company’s branding. Without clear and effective branding, a business has no identity, and if it has no identity, few potential clients are going to consider it as a business that offers the products that they are looking for.

Multiply that problem by the thousands of brides-to-be who enter the bridal market each year in your local target area, and it becomes obvious that poor branding could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost revenue. The solution is to ensure your branding appeals to consumers and sets you apart and above your local competition. How do you achieve this for your bridal business? Well, there is no one way, but several ways, as you are about to discover.

Learn All You Can About Your Target Audience

You should be aware that there is little point in creating a brand that does not speak to the audience you are trying to capture. You must research what your target market (e.g. brides) likes and trusts. Look at social media, forums, and review sites related to weddings to see what that audience is saying and then use that insight to define your brand.

Be Original

The last thing you want for your bridal business is for it to be lost in the crowd. If it is, you have little chance of breaking free of your competition and grabbing a larger share of your local market. This is why your branding and each element should be original, so avoid cliches and try to find an angle that sets you apart.

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Cracking the Code with Analytics and Data

Cracking the Code with Analytics and Data

Hey there! So, you’ve landed at Slinky Digital, and let me tell you – we’re total data nerds here. Why? Because numbers tell a story, and we’re pretty darn good at reading them. From Google’s cool tools to diving deep into why Sally clicked that button on your site, we’re on it. Let’s chat about some of our favourite ways to do just that.

Google Analytics – It’s Like a Magic Mirror for Your Website

Ever wondered what folks are up to when they’re browsing your site? Google Analytics is kinda like having X-ray specs. It shows us what’s hot (and not) on your site. We handle all the setup jazz and make sure everything’s ticking just right.

We’ll serve you the juicy details – who’s visiting, their favourite spots on your site, and even how long they stick around. The real magic? Taking those numbers and sprinkling a bit of our SEO pixie dust to make them work even harder for you.

Taking a Walk in Your Customer’s Shoes

Picture this: Tom’s first click on your ad, then what? Mapping out that adventure, from “hey, cool site” to “take my money!” is our jam. By stepping into their shoes, we see the good, the bad, and the “oops, we can do better” moments. It’s like taking a test drive from your customer’s viewpoint, helping us fine-tune the experience until it’s smooth sailing.

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7 Steps To Making Your Dental Practice Website A Class Above Your Local Competition's

7 Steps To Making Your Dental Practice Website Better Than The Competition

Not many people know that the dental business sector can be highly competitive. Given that in any town or city location there is a finite number of potential dental patients, most dentists are only too aware that if they do not replace patients who leave, their dental practice could eventually be at risk.

One of the ways for your dental practice to address this issue is to ensure that your website, and all parts of it, is so well designed that when any visitor arrives there, they are not only impressed but also go further and make an enquiry about becoming a patient of your dental practice. The caveat here is that other dental practices know this too, and thus you have the competition we discussed in the article’s opening sentence.

The solution to this issue is to ensure that, no matter how much competition your dental practice has, your website stands head and shoulders above all your competitors’ websites. The big question here is “How?”, and the answer is taking a series of steps to improve your website. Here are seven of those steps that can set your website apart in a positive way against your competition.

#1 – Ensure Navigation Throughout Your Website Is Simple

We guarantee that many of your competitors in the dentist sector will have got this wrong and have websites that are akin to a maze. Make your website easy to navigate by having a simple, clearly labelled menu and a button to return to the home page on every page.

#2 – Make Taking Action Easy

You want visitors to your website to indicate that they are interested in finding out more about registering as a patient with your dental practice so do not make them jump through hoops to do so. Have a simple registration process on your website such as calling you via phone or completing a simple enquiry form.

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Is AI Content Capable Of Improving SEO?

Is AI Content Capable Of Improving SEO?

One of the newer concepts you may have recently seen regarding SEO for your business’s website is AI content. AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is something that is becoming more prevalent in lots of areas whether it is business related or not. A prime example of AI is a voice-activated device such as Amazon’s Alexa which will respond to voice commands using AI technology.

If you want an AI example in the business world, there are chatbots that reply to chat messages from humans based on what has been entered. Admittedly, they can be frustrating, but when you consider that you can go through an entire chat conversation as though you were chatting to a human customer service rep, but are chatting with AI intelligence, it does seem remarkable.

As for AI content, let us examine what it is. Quite simply it is content that is written,  not by a human, but by technology that has been programmed with vocabulary, grammar principles, and syntax rules, and when given a subject it will create content on that subject. Some of the most advanced AI creators can create content that some struggle to distinguish from content written by a human.

However, most writing produced by AI technology will still need to be checked by a human and in most cases edited so that when read it makes perfect sense. The question which is raised at this point is ” Can AI content be used to improve your SEO?”.

AI Content And SEO – The Advantages

The answer you will receive to that question, and whether that answer is a “Yes” or a “No” will vary. Those involved with the development of AI technology and who have AI products that are claimed to be able to write SEO content will point to their many happy clients who have used AI technology to create content for SEO purposes.

Some of the advantages that are claimed for AI SEO content include that it is relevant and fully optimised based on what the AI content writer has been programmed to write. It is also likely to be written quicker than the time many human writers may take.

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7 Stage Roadmap For High Search Engine Rankings

7 Stage Roadmap For High Search Engine Rankings

We have outlined our core beliefs in terms of our approach to meeting the goals our clients set for us and gone into some of the specific steps which will ensure that we can achieve that, so let us bring it all together and let you see the roadmap Slinky will follow if you become one of our clients.

Whilst some of this does follow sequentially in terms of timing, there is going to be some overlap, with some of the specific tasks being ones that we will be fulfilling throughout the process, whilst others will be one-off actions. Regardless of where any part of it fits in, it is important to realise that it is the combination of each component part that is key to our SEO succeeding, thus generating the improving search engine rankings you seek for your website.

Initial Website/SEO Audit: The first, and extremely important task, is for us to comprehensively review your website’s current status with respect to its rankings which may have been previously implemented. Knowing where your website currently stands organically, it allows us to identify those areas which need the most attention and those that might be well optimised as they are currently and to then plan our overall strategy for fulfilling your SEO.

Researching Keywords: As you may have gathered already, much of SEO is based on the words people use when they are entering a search on Google. Knowing what these keywords and keyphrases are then allows us to plan for all the other optimisation that we are going to undertake so that they target the most important and relevant search terms, whether that be on your website or off-site, with the anchor text on backlinks, for example.

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Generation Z Via Digital Marketing

How Businesses Connect With Generation Z Via Digital Marketing

One of the key principles of digital marketing, and indeed any kind of marketing, is that, for a campaign to have any chance of success you must know the audience that you are targeting. The greatest ad copy, most exceptional products and services, or lowest discounted prices will be for nothing if the marketing messages are not being seen by those most likely to need or want what is being promoted.

This is why so much time and effort is spent by marketers researching what specific audiences react positively to, especially when it comes to marketing messages. One of the ways this is done is to compartmentalise sections of the population by age. This goes a stage further by giving each of the age groups a title. Here are how those groups are most usually labelled and their respective years of birth.

  • 1928 – 1945: Silent Generation
  • 1946 – 1964: Baby Boomers
  • 1965 – 1980: Generation X
  • 1981 – 1996: Millennials
  • 1997 – 2012: Generation Z
  • Early 2010s – Early 2020s: Generation Alpha

The group which is currently attracting a lot of attention from businesses of all kinds is Generation Z. These are individuals who were born in the final years of the 20th century and the first decade or so of the 21st century, and there are key reasons why this group is receiving so much focus.

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10 Common WordPress Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them

10 Common WordPress Mistakes And How You Can Avoid Them

There is little doubt that WordPress is the CMS platform most website owners and design agencies use and prefer. It provides a simple means for the least tech-savvy blogger to create a website at one end of the scale and another, an opportunity for professional web designers to create large, multifunctional websites for corporate clients.

Some of the reasons these can be achieved include WordPress’s back office interface that almost everyone can understand and use. In addition, there are an almost infinite number of theme options that provide the means for creating stunning website designs. We must not forget the plugins that add fantastic functionality and features to WordPress websites.

With all these positive features, you might be mistaken that WordPress guarantees every website built with it will be perfect, but unfortunately, that is not the case. We say this not to blame WordPress but instead to state it is due to common mistakes that those who use WordPress often make.

These mistakes can all be avoided, but if you do not know what they are, how can you ensure you do not make them? To address this, we have highlighted ten of the most common mistakes made with WordPress, which hopefully means you will know to avoid them in the future.

Not Regularly Backing Up Your Website

Some calamities can befall a website; in the worst cases, a website cannot be recovered and must be rebuilt. An example of why this can occur is a technical issue, such as a rogue plugin destroying some of the website’s coding. Another scenario is the website being hacked for nefarious reasons and held for ransom. The solution to mitigate these and have the ability to reinstate your website is creating regular backups of it.

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Common Blog Post SEO Mistakes And Their Remedies

Common Blog Post SEO Mistakes And Their Remedies

If you use a blog as the main means of creating and publishing content to support your SEO efforts, then you are doing more than many businesses do with their websites. Incredibly, some businesses get a fantastic website design, and then do nothing once it goes live to maintain and improve any rankings it has on Google.

That you have a blog is great, but one question we must ask you is do you feel that your rankings are a fair reflection of the blog posts that you are publishing? If, like many website owners, you are putting a lot of effort into creating content or having created content for you, but not seeing major upward shifts in your rankings, then please read on.

We say read on because the likelihood is that you are inadvertently making mistakes with your blog and its content that are stopping your rankings from improving, and we are going to highlight these possible mistakes to help you avoid them in the future.

Poor Titles

There are two main reasons that those who publish blog posts get their titles wrong. The first is that they do not do any keyword research to determine which keywords they should be including in their titles. Given that the title of blog posts will form part of their URLs, your titles must have relevant keywords.

The second mistake is that titles are not enticing enough to make someone click on them to read what is on the other side. Create blog post titles with intrigue, excitement, and urgency.

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