Which Types of Backlinks Have A Positive Impact on Your Website’s Ranking?

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If you visit any website which discusses SEO and how to improve rankings on Google there will undoubtedly be some discussion, articles or information relating to backlinks. To prove the point, you are reading one of them right now, so it is fair to say SEO and backlinks are very much related.

Where the confusion, and sometimes reticence to use backlinks arise is not knowing which backlinks have a positive impact, and which backlinks are more likely to see you plunging down the rankings, or worse, wiped off them altogether, which has happened to countless websites.

Part of the problem is that there are so many ways in which you can create a backlink to your website, and just as many places online where you can link from. Add to this Google’s determination to clamp down on spam links, link farms and links which appear to be high quality but aren’t, it has become a cat and mouse game between the search engines, and those who use those blackhat tactics.

It is not to say that blackhat methods don’t work. Many of them do, and an element of those methods is backlinking strategies which go under Google’s radar. You’ll need to decide whether you want to go down this route but be aware that you may be only one Google crawl or update away from having your website deindexed from the SERPs.

If you prefer not to be looking over your shoulder and want to have backlinks to your website that Google actively encourages, then here are some of the places you can go to create them.

#1 Your Existing Network: If you are in business it is more than likely that you have clients, customers, associates, suppliers, and neighbouring businesses that you are in contact with on a regular basis. It is also fair to say that many of them will be operating in the same or similar niches as you are.  Whether they are or not, if they have a website, there is a lot to be gained by asking if they could link from their site to yours.

Your local chamber of commerce, business development organisations, and even your local government are all very reputable organisations which if Google see linking to you, will add to the authority of your website, and in turn, help your ranking.

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