How to Use Content to Improve Your Local SEO Ranking

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Although many businesses have an online presence, and in theory, could have visitors to their website from anywhere in the world, most are only targeting an audience and customers in their local area. This is why having an SEO strategy for local rankings, rather than a global one, is so important.

Countless time, energy and money are wasted by webmasters trying to get their website ranked for search terms and keywords which are generic. For example, they might try to target a term like ‘landscape gardener’ and so are competing with just about every other landscape gardener in the world and they wonder why they can’t rank for it.

Instead if they focused on ranking for ‘landscape gardener in Anytown’, with Anytown being the neighbourhoods, towns or city they operate in, they would have far greater success. Not only that, this is where their customers live, so even if they could rank worldwide, a customer in London is hardly going to employ a landscape gardener based in Adelaide.

One of the top strategies to improve your website’s local SEO ranking is with the effective use of content. There are lots of ways this can be achieved, and none are particularly difficult. Nor should they take any more time to do than your current content creation. It is just that it will be more slanted towards a local audience and be using keywords which include local areas you wish to target.

#1 Social Media: If you haven’t done so already, when you search social media sites for groups which are based in your local area, you will be amazed at how many there are. If you know what demographics, or what interests your target audience have, then seek out those groups which they are likely to be members of.

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