How to Give Your Website an SEO Makeover

website makeover for seo

There’s been a trend in recent years for ‘makeover’ TV shows giving our cars, our homes, our gardens, and even our pets the full treatment. In this article we are going to emulate those TV shows, by giving your website a makeover to improve its SEO, and in turn boost, its ranking on Google.

There are plenty of differences between giving your website a makeover compared to a house or a car. Firstly, it can be done with the minimum of disruption and in most cases without the website having any downtime. The changes that can be made require little more than spending time logged into your website admin panel and making the updates.

Your website’s SEO makeover can also be done without any expenditure, although you may want to obtain some software or plugins which can assist you. Finally, the time it is going to take for you to carry out most of the SEO makeover can be measured in minutes rather than hours. Your website’s SEO makeover consists of 7 specific tasks.

#1 Make It Mobile Responsive: Google penalize websites that are not mobile responsive, and if that wasn’t reason enough, most online searches are done on mobile devices. If your website doesn’t have a theme which is mobile responsive, it is time to get it one.

#2 Update Your ‘Contact Us’ Page: Even if you already have a contact us page, (and if you don’t you need to add one asap) if all you have is a basic send message box, you are losing out. Add in alternatives like your email address, social media buttons and if you have the resources a live chat. All of these improve customer engagement, which in Google’s view is positive.

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