Client: Landscapes WA

Industry: Landscaping
Location: Perth, Western Australia
URL: landscapeswa.com.au

Landscapes WA is a multi-disciplinary residential and commercial landscape company and are without doubt, Perth’s premier landscaper.

Established in 2005 it has succeeded in being the preferred landscaper for a number of project and luxury home builders throughout Western Australia.

” We don’t know anything about SEO. We don’t want to know anything about SEO. We just want our phone to ring – a lot! “

History: We commenced working with Landscapes WA back in August 2009. We designed and built them their first website from the ground up using the best SEO guidelines. Currently their website is their 3rd version – being updated every couple of years to keep up with the latest design and performance trends.

The Challenge: To attract new clients looking for landscape construction, design and general landscaping services in Perth WA.

The Solution: A long term, expert SEO campaign (now in it’s 10th year). This work includes competition research, keyword usage strategy, navigation and file structuring, page loading optimisation and authority link building strategy.

The Results: A dominance of the organic search results for all their keywords over the last decade, resulting in consistent sales enquiries that have lead to the dramatic growth of the company to the position of market leader.

Over the last 10 years we had increased their overall website visitors by 513% and increased their total organic visitors by 814%. Their monthly organic enquiries have often gone way past triple figures. Those are the kind of numbers that completely transform businesses.

” The website you guys designed, built and carefully optimised has been brilliant for our business. We get so much work from it. We really appreciate the service you guys provide! ”
Nic Russell, Director / Landscapes W.A

SEO Case Study for Culshaw Miller Legal Group

Client: Culshaw Miller Legal Group

Industry: Legal Services
Location: Perth, Adelaide & Melbourne Australia
URL: culshawmiller.com.au

Culshaw Miller is part of the Hunt & Hunt Legal Group in Australia and is a leading family and commercial law firm. Lead by Chief Executive Officer Jeremy Culshaw with over 25 years experience practicing in family law, he is an Accredited Family Law Specialist.

Starting from an office in Northbridge Perth, Culshaw Miller is now situated in St Georges Terrace, Perth and Hindmarsh Square, Adelaide along with a partner office in Melbourne.

History: We were first engaged by Shann Law in 2010 and then by Culshaw Miller in 2012 following the merger of Marks & Sands and Shann Law to form Culshaw Miller Legal Group Pty Ltd.

The Challenge: Back in 2010, like most of their competitors they had very little search engine exposure. Our aim was to help our client gain long-term, cost-effective organic traffic via Google.com.au for their main website, and then over the years increasingly to their other group websites as well.

Culshaw Miller has been an SEO client for over a decade.The Solution: Our web design company, Slinky Web Design have developed several websites over the years for their main business culshawmiller.com.au along with several for their affiliated companies, such as acceleratefamilylaw.com.au, culshawmillerbadenoch.com.au and culshawmillercriminallawyers.com.au.

Website development was followed up with competitor analysis, internal and external link building strategies, which included blogging, citation building and other on-going strategies.

The Results: Culshaw Miller have dominated the organic search engine rankings for the majority of their keyword groups in the ultra-competitive area of Australian legal services. Without divulging our clients exact results, their websites get many, many thousands of organic visitors per month across the cities they are located in. Culshaw Miller continue to be a highly valued client of ours.

SEO Case Study for Dental O So Gentle

Client: Dental O So Gentle

Industry: Dental Clinics
Location: Perth CBD & Beldon, WA
URL: dentalosogentle.com.au

Dental O So Gentle is a leading Dental Group in Perth with clinics in Perth CBD and Beldon in Perth’s northern suburbs. Dental O So Gentle is one of Perth’s leading Cosmetic and Implant specialists.

The Dental O So Gentle clinics have state-of-the-art equipment and an expert team. From simple dental treatments to full cosmetic teeth makeovers, their professional services help patients achieve a glamorous smile to be proud of.

History: We were first engaged by Dental O So Gentle in April 2019. Although the company has a long history in Perth WA with exceptionally strong branding, their organic search engine rankings were far from impressive. For the primary keyword ‘Dentist Perth’, they were ranked at #42 on the 5th page of Google. Rankings for their cosmetic dental services were even worse, with the majority not even ranking in the top 100 organic search results of Google.com.au – keyword phrases such as ‘Porcelain Veneers Perth’ and ‘Dental Crowns Perth’ to name but a few.

The Challenge: To help our client gain sustained, cost-effective search engine traffic via Google.com.au for both their dental clinics in the areas of cosmetic dentistry and general dental treatments.

DOSG - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: A complete site audit and competition research followed by a comprehensive SEO Campaign which included both on-page optimisation comprising keyword usage strategy, navigation structuring, page loading optimisation and internal linking strategy.

The on-going off-page optimisation includes comprehensive authority link building strategies.

The Results: For their primary keyword “Dentist Perth’ (as at 3rd April 2020) they are now ranked at #3 on the 1st page of Google, now opening them up to over 2900 monthly searches with just one keyword. They also now rank well for the majority of their cosmetic dental treatments.

SEO Case Study on Harrison's Landscaping

Client: Harrison’s Landscaping

Industry: Landscaping, Landscape Design
Location: Sydney, NSW
URL: harrisonslandscaping.com.au

Harrison’s Landscaping is an award winning landscape design and construction company and a leader in the Sydney landscaping industry for over 10 years.

History: We were first engaged by Harrison’s Landscaping in 2014. They had previously had issues with past SEO activities and needed us to help with some penalty actions by Google.

The Challenge: A full audit of all previous SEO work. Cleaning up the site of over-optimisation and disavowing bad back-links.

Harrison’s Landscaping - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: Comprehensive SEO Campaign with 2019 marking it’s 5th year. The SEO work includes an initial SEO audit and link disavowing, competition research, keyword usage strategy, navigation and file structuring, internal linking strategy, page loading optimisation and ongoing authority link building strategies.

The Results: An absolute dominance of Google’s search results for the highly competitive keywords in the landscaping and landscape design industry in Sydney.

“A big congratulations to you and your team. Both our websites harrisonslandscaping.com.au and thebalconygarden.com.au now easily outrank all their respective competitors in both of their ultra competitive industry sectors. Thanks again”

Josh Harrison, Managing Director
Harrison’s Landscaping / The Balcony Garden
Sydney, NSW

SEO Case Study on FenceWright

Client: FenceWright

Industry: Security Fencing
Location: Perth & Brisbane, Australia
URL: fencewright.com.au

FenceWright was established in 2010 and quickly became one of Australia’s premier security fencing companies with offices in Perth and Brisbane.

History: We were first engaged by FenceWright in 2012.

The Challenge: FenceWright was unsatisfied with its search engine positions and overall website traffic volume.

FenceWright - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: We completed a new website for the client using the best SEO structure for URL’s and on-page optimisation. We targeted both local and regional locations that were relevant to their business. We also commenced a Google AdWords campaign to run in tandem with the SEO campaign which included competition research, keyword strategy, navigation restructuring, conversion rate optimisation, internal and external link building strategy.

The Results: Within 16 months we had increased their total organic visitors by 150%. At this point we ceased the AdWords campaign as the new traffic being generated via the SEO campaign was sufficient to grow the business according to their business goals.

SEO Case Study on Rolling Stone Landscapes

Client: Rolling Stone Landscapes

Industry: Landscape Construction, Landscape Design
Location: Sydney, NSW
URL: rollingstonelandscapes.com

Rolling Stone Landscapes are multi-award winning landscapers with an experienced team offering design and construction services. They are without doubt one of Australia’s premier landscaping companies. One look at their portfolio will confirm this. In 2005 they were awarded ‘NSW Landscape Construction of the Year’ along with ‘Australian Residential Landscaper of the Year’ in 2006, making the company the highest awarded residential landscape company in Australia.

They have designed and built multiple award winning gardens, with seven gold medal show gardens including the Chelsea Flower Show in London.

History: We were first engaged by Rolling Stone Landscapes in 2013.

The Challenge: The first thing that surprised us was how Australia’s leading landscaping company could have such an ordinary website that was producing only a very small amount of enquiries. The company was built on its stellar reputation and received a steady flow of work via its media coverage, but received very little by way of prospective clients searching on Google for ‘landscape designers’ etc.

Rolling Stone Landscapes - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: We completed a new website design which showcased their remarkable projects. We set the site up with the best SEO structure for the URL’s and completed the very extensive on-page optimisation part of the SEO campaign. This was followed by a link building campaign.

The Results: Within 10 months we had increased their total organic visitors by 165% while their total website visitors were increased by 90%.

SEO Case Study on Benara Nursery

Client: Benara Nursery

Industry: Wholesale Nursery
Location: Australia Wide
URL: benaranurseries.com

Benara Nurseries is Australia’s largest wholesale nursery. Benara Nurseries was established in 1963 and is the leading plant supplier for both garden retailers and landscaping industry throughout Australia. Benara Nurseries has over 300 acres under full production with more than 300 staff.

History: We were engaged by Benara Nurseries in 2012.

The Challenge: To attract new customers from all over Australia.

Benara Nursery - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: A successful SEO campaign with a strategy focusing on increasing search visibility for primary, secondary and long tail keywords. We also undertook a range of changes that were required following our technical SEO audit. This was then followed up with an extensive link building campaign to well and truly cement Benara Nurseries as the authority in its industry.

The Results: Increased exposure across all search engines resulting in the growth of the Benara Nurseries brand online.

SEO Case Study on Hot Copper

Client: Hot Copper

Industry: Stock Market
Location: Australia
URL: hotcopper.com.au

Hot Copper is Australia’s largest stock trading and investment forum with over 250,000 registered members and more than 200,000 unique visitors every month. Hot Copper has over 21 million monthly page impressions.

History: We were first engaged by Hot Copper in 2010.

The Challenge: Hot Copper was unsatisfied with its Australian search engine positioning.

Hot Copper - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: An expertly run SEO campaign. To help increase their authority, Hot Copper needed link building strategies around their services along with the ASX companies that are listed on their share market forum that searches would be using to research information on stock market investments.

The Results: A dominance of the organic search results for all their keywords, resulting in consistent growth in their subscriber base with further solidified their position as Australia’s top destination for anything stock market related and for them to achieve their mission statement of “… improving Australian investment decisions through the exchange of analysis.”

SEO Case Study on Blue Print Homes

Client: Blue Print Homes

Industry: Home Builder
Location: Perth, Western Australia
URL: blueprinthomes.com.au

Blue Print Homes is a multi-award winning home builder and one of the leading new home builders in Perth. They build a wide range of new homes to suit every budget and lifestyle.

History: We were first engaged by Blue Print Homes in early 2010.

The Challenge: Blue Print Homes was unsatisfied with its search engine positions and overall website traffic volume. Search engine positioning in the competitive world of project home building in Perth was proving to be a high hurdle. The home builder niche is highly competitive from an SEO perspective with many professional SEO companies competing to generate leads for their clients.

Blue Print Homes - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: New web design from the ground up using our proven SEO guidelines for URL hierarchies and on-page optimisation targeting relevant keywords and keyword phrases. This was followed by an extensive link building program.

The Results: Within 20 months we had increased their overall website visitors by 102% and their total organic visitors by 207%. Their Google organic traffic was increased by 194%.

This was done by targeting high traffic, relevant keyword groups and locations including ‘House and Land Packages’ and ‘Home Builders Perth’ etc

SEO Case Study on Land Surveys

Client: Land Surveys

Industry: Surveying Services
Location: Australia Wide
URL: landsurveys.net.au

Land Surveys was established in 1997 and has expanded to locations across Australia and Internationally. With more than 260 professional surveyors and staff, they provide a full range of surveying services.

History: We were first engaged by Land Surveys in 2009.

The Challenge: To attract new clients looking for land surveyors in their target locations and increase Land Surveys’ authority in their industry.

Land Surveys - Client SEO Case StudiesThe Solution: We aimed to get an increase in high-intent keywords and an improved presence on search with competitive keywords and keyword phrases that are most relevant for their target market by developing a ranking strategy to increase general, construction and engineering surveying related keywords.

The Results: Within 12 months we had increased their total organic visitors by 231%.

SEO Case Study on Liquor Merchant

Client: Liquor Merchant

Industry: Online Liquor Sales
Location: Australia Wide
URL: liquormerchant.com.au

Liquor Merchant, a leading bricks and mortar wine retailer, wine club and online wine store specialising in premium wine of both current and back vintages were looking for help with their digital marketing.

History: We were engaged by Liquor Merchant in 2007.

The Challenge: To take a relatively new website that the owners were having trouble getting any traction with and get it ranked Australia-wide for relevant keywords that search engine users were typing into Google with the intent of buying wine online. Before Slinky Digital took over, Liquor Merchant did not rank for any keywords.

Liquor Merchant were having major problems gaining any traction at all in the search results because the top results were all dominated by big brands like Cellar Masters, Dan Murphy’s and Vintage Cellars.

Raffles Liquor MerchantsThe Solution: Complete technical SEO audit followed by reorganisation of their whole URL structure, on-page optimisation and then an extensive off-page optimisation (Link Building) campaign.

The Results: Within 12 months we had over 4000 traffic producing keywords ranked for them and had increased their total monthly organic visitors from 250 to just under 7000, an increase of 2700%.

In November 2009 Colonial Leisure Group Pty Ltd purchased Liquor Merchant along with The Raffles Hotel from my client for over $20m.