Is AI Content Capable Of Improving SEO?

Is AI Content Capable Of Improving SEO?

One of the newer concepts you may have recently seen regarding SEO for your business’s website is AI content. AI, which stands for artificial intelligence, is something that is becoming more prevalent in lots of areas whether it is business related or not. A prime example of AI is a voice-activated device such as Amazon’s Alexa which will respond to voice commands using AI technology.

If you want an AI example in the business world, there are chatbots that reply to chat messages from humans based on what has been entered. Admittedly, they can be frustrating, but when you consider that you can go through an entire chat conversation as though you were chatting to a human customer service rep, but are chatting with AI intelligence, it does seem remarkable.

As for AI content, let us examine what it is. Quite simply it is content that is written,  not by a human, but by technology that has been programmed with vocabulary, grammar principles, and syntax rules, and when given a subject it will create content on that subject. Some of the most advanced AI creators can create content that some struggle to distinguish from content written by a human.

However, most writing produced by AI technology will still need to be checked by a human and in most cases edited so that when read it makes perfect sense. The question which is raised at this point is ” Can AI content be used to improve your SEO?”.

AI Content And SEO – The Advantages

The answer you will receive to that question, and whether that answer is a “Yes” or a “No” will vary. Those involved with the development of AI technology and who have AI products that are claimed to be able to write SEO content will point to their many happy clients who have used AI technology to create content for SEO purposes.

Some of the advantages that are claimed for AI SEO content include that it is relevant and fully optimised based on what the AI content writer has been programmed to write. It is also likely to be written quicker than the time many human writers may take.

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