Cracking the Code of Buyer Intent Keywords

Cracking the Code of Buyer Intent Keywords

Hey there, friends in the marketing trenches! Ever felt like trying to pick the right keywords is like trying to find the perfect wave when you’re out surfing the web? Yeah, me too. So grab your virtual surfboard, and let’s ride the waves of buyer intent keywords with Slinky Digital. 🏄

What’s Cooking in the Keyword Kitchen?

We’ve all been in that SEO rabbit hole, the realm where you chase after keywords like a pup after a tennis ball. It’s fun, it’s thrilling, and it’s a vital ingredient for online success.

But here’s a secret sauce – it’s not just about getting eyeballs on your page. It’s about turning those eyeballs into open wallets. That’s where buyer intent keywords come into play, like an ace in a poker game. They don’t just fetch traffic; they make cash registers ring!

Buyer Intent Keywords: The What and Why

Imagine you’re selling garden gizmos, let’s say weed whackers. Now, a customer’s journey is like an adventurous hike.

  • Awareness stage: “What’s the best way to spruce up my lawn?”
  • Consideration stage: “These weed whackers for 2023 look rad!”
  • Decision stage: “Where can I get a Black & Decker electric weed whacker ASAP?”

As the stages change, the intent to buy grows stronger, like coffee brewing. This is why buyer intent keywords should be your secret weapon, your golden snitch!

Benefits of Catching the Buyer Intent Wave

You know what’s great about ranking well for buyer intent keywords? It’s like holding a megaphone in a crowded marketplace. People don’t just see you; they trust you!

But wait, there’s more! It’s not just a game of numbers, it’s about quality. Like fishing, you want the big catch, not the old boot! Targeting buyer intent keywords will reel in the clients who are ready to bite.

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Keywords for seo

Using Keywords Within Your Website Content to Help SEO

You may already be aware that having keywords in your website content can help your SEO, but what is even more important is that the content is used in the right way, and in the right places. It is not enough to simply insert keywords anywhere, and worse, doing so excessively can damage your rankings, as Google consider this to be ‘keyword stuffing‘, which is a big red flag to them.

You need to get the balance right though, as what you don’t want to do is go too far the other way and have little or no keywords in your website content. While Google is very much against practices like keyword stuffing, they do need and want you to use keywords.

They are an important factor in helping Google identify what subject a website is about, and thus allows them to make their search engine results more relevant.

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hierarchy of keywords

The Hierarchy Of Keywords and Why Knowing The Top Two Gives You a Competitive Advantage

Every site owner should know that keywords play a massive part in SEO and are used extensively by Google to assess a website and subsequently rank it. Keywords can be used in multiple places as part of an SEO strategy such as your domain name, your content, anchor text in backlinks, and in meta tags. The question which then arises is ‘Do any of these keyword ‘locations’ carry more weight than the others in the eyes Google?’. The simple answer is ‘Yes’.

In the world of SEO, extensive testing takes place with some consultants having hundreds of websites which they use to test SEO strategies, adjustments, and ranking theories to see which make a positive difference to a website’s ranking. Many changes are subtle and minute such as editing a single meta tag. The accumulation of all this data has concluded that Google places more importance on keywords which appear in certain places than others.

The main principle behind that Google’s thinking on keywords is that the harder it is to use a keyword, then the more importance they will place on it. In other words, they give a higher-ranking score for the places it is most difficult to achieve the use of a keyword.

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