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7 Highly Effective Digital Marketing Techniques For Jewellers

7 Highly Effective Digital Marketing Techniques For Jewellers

All jewellers that want to succeed must have the means to attract new customers and clients. Given that jewellery is not an everyday purchase, relying on existing customers to make additional purchases in the future is simply not enough. New customers must be found, or more to the point, attracted to a jewellery business, and so the question that most jewellers now ask is “How?”.

It is not just jewellers asking that question but every business, and sadly, for those that do not find the answer, the risk is that their business diminishes and, worst of all, becomes unsustainable. We will help you ensure that this nightmare scenario does not arise for your jewellery business by telling you that the answer is a digital marketing campaign and go even further by outlining seven highly effective techniques that maximise the results from digital marketing.

Start Correctly By Planning Your Campaign

Nothing you do should be thrown together at the last minute, as a digital marketing campaign can only succeed if appropriately planned. Create a marketing calendar so that you know exactly when each action will take place and who is responsible for it.

Rise In Google Rankings Using SEO

Potential customers are searching online for jewellery stores, and if your website appears at the top of those search results, it can generate lots of traffic, aka interested buyers. You get those top rankings via SEO; given its complexities, our advice is to seek help from an SEO agency.

Create And Publish Amazing Content

Those who use the internet love content, but it must be high quality if there is hope of them acting upon it. Therefore, any content you create for your website and social media pages must be well-written, useful, and of such quality that it helps augment your brand and reputation. Read more about content marketing.

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7 Incredible Benefits For Jewellers Who Utilise Email Marketing

7 Incredible Benefits For Jewellers Who Utilise Email Marketing

The number of avenues open to jewellery businesses for marketing is immense. Still, if you were to analyse which of them provides jewellers with the most traffic and revenue, four or five stand out; of those, there are many business sectors where email marketing is voted the favourite, and almost certainly, that will be the case for jewellers too.

If you run a jewellery business and have not yet added email to your marketing armoury, you must quickly reverse that situation. Email marketing is one of the most tried and tested marketing channels available online, and that is because it continues to provide business owners with several significant benefits. Read on, and you will discover those benefits and why they can enhance your jewellery business.

Email Marketing Is Very Simple To Implement: One of the most-loved aspects of email marketing for jewellery business owners is its simplicity. Everything can be planned, set up, and organised on an autoresponder online platform. The learning curve required to use autoresponders is minimal, so you could set up your first email campaign within an hour.

Email Marketing Can Be Scheduled In Advance: Imagine having an automated marketing machine, earning your jewellery business revenue while on holiday or dining in a restaurant with your loved ones. That is the reality of email marketing because you can pre-write and schedule one, ten or one hundred emails in advance, and your autoresponder will automatically send each message at its allotted time.

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5 Business Benefits Of Ensuring Your Jewellery Store Has Impressive Branding

5 Business Benefits Of Ensuring Your Jewellery Store Has Impressive Branding

For those who own a jewellers business, whether one jewellery store or several jewellery stores, and you operate online with an eCommerce jewellery website, we trust you look for ways to enhance your business’s success. This can be done in several ways, which include marketing online and offline, doing like-wise with advertising, and ensuring that the service you provide your customers is the best it can be.

Another way in which you can augment your business is through effective branding. By branding, we do not mean how giant corporations brand themselves for the simple reason that, whilst the principles might be the same, the scale and the means of branding a small or local jewellery business differ somewhat.

One of those differences is that branding a small business does not require the multi-million dollar budget that global brands have to invest to compete with other international brands. You are likely competing with other local jewellers, many of whom will not have extensive marketing or branding budgets and may not have thought about correctly branding their business.

Suppose you invest a small amount to brand your jewellery business properly. In that case, you will almost certainly see a significant return on that investment, and those returns are not just monetary, vital though they are. To explain further, here are some benefits of adequately branding your jewellery business.

Become A Locally Recognised And Trusted Jewellers

Since jewellery is bought for reasons such as investment, sentimentality, and even for an individual’s vanity, buyers will be particular about which jewellers they choose to buy from. As such, the more recognised and trusted you are in your local area via effective branding, the more chance there is of buyers’ choice of jewellers being you.

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