7 Tips To Improve User Experience On Your Website For Better Google Rankings

7 Tips To Improve User Experience On Your Website For Better Google Rankings

Within the world of digital marketing, there are numerous acronyms and abbreviations used, with SEO being one of the most known, and most important. Hopefully, you are aware that SEO stands for search engine optimisation, and within this field, there are even more abbreviations, such as SERP, (Search Engine Results Page), DA (Domain Authority), TF (Trust Flow), and the one which we are going to focus on here, UX (User Experience)

UX has become an integral part of the language and the activities within SEO, and the reason for that is that a great user experience has become a hugely influential part of what Google seeks to achieve with its search results. Google can only survive if people go there to search for something online, and one of the key ways Google hopes to continue that is by generating the best possible search results for its users.

A way it seeks to meet this objective is by ensuring that the results it displays are websites that give those users who click through to them a great experience. Google has several parameters by which it determines good and bad user experience, and thus website owners need to know these if they are to achieve and maintain high rankings on Google.

If you are a website owner you might already be doing some of these by default, however, it is far better if you know what factors Google includes in its determination of UX, and more importantly, how you can ensure you maximise them on your website. Here are seven tips to achieve these.

Tip #1 – Ensure Your Website Is Mobile-Friendly

Today, you can access the internet in far more ways than a mere 5 years ago. Now, even the watch on your wrist can connect you to the internet. This trend to mobile internet access shows no sign of slowing down, and that includes Google now prioritising mobile versions of websites and mobile access. Add to this the fact that more people go online via their mobile device than their desktop PC, which means your website must be mobile-friendly or its rankings will plummet.

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