Community Management

With more than 13 million social media users in Australia and half of the population of Australia on Facebook, speaks volumes about the massive popularity of social media websites and the need for online businesses to have a strong social media presence.

To ensure you have a strong social media presence, you need to establish an impactful brand identity. This is what Slinky Digital helps you with!

360 Degree Community Management Services

We offer businesses across all industries 360Degree customized community management services. Our strategic community management services are targeted to help you build an impactful brand identity across various social networking websites including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and more.

Our team of social media specialists have the experience and expertise to create a buzz about your business on social media that leads to customer engagement, get more likes, hits and followers and build brand loyalty. Our goal is to increase your brand awareness among your target audience and encourage them to convert from potential customers into regular customers. We create conversation opportunities.

Community Management – How We Do it?

To keep your audience hooked to your social media pages, we put on our thinking hats to come up with creative, unique and exciting ideas that are share worthy and can go viral easily.

From great and informational blog posts to inspirational and humorous videos to informative webinar, we try to mix things up and share something daily with your followers to keep them interested and glued to your social media pages.

Furthermore, we also keep track of what your customers, followers and fans have to say about your brand. We acknowledge their feedback and respond to them timely so that they know that their opinion matters to you. Timely response to social media users helps build brand loyalty as they feel valued.

To develop more exciting content for your social media followers, we keep continuously monitor them and their activities. We analyse how your fans interact with each other, what they have to say, see what content is getting the most clicks, comments and shares. This allows us to manage your community in a better way and post content that is likely to excite your followers the most.