Designing landing pages

Designing Landing Pages

The biggest challenge for online businesses is to persuade the generated leads into taking the desired call to action and converting it into sales.

And this is what landing pages help you achieve! A landing page is the second point of contact that you have with your potential customer after the PPC ad or email.

Break-free from the Myopic Approach – Look at the Bigger Picture

Many businesses have a myopic approach. They only focus on the first point of contact which is the PPC ad and email. However, the success of the PPC campaign lies in not the clicks but the conversion rate. Click is the cost and conversion is return on investment.

To increase ROI, the PPC campaign has to be well-conceived and strategic. From the PPC ad, the potential customer is directed to the landing page. The design and the appeal of your landing page can help you achieve your conversion goal.

Landing Pages Designed to Convert

At Slinky Digital, we are experienced at designing landing pages that are bound to improve your conversion rate. To deliver you high converting landing pages, we have onboard the best and most experienced designers in Australia. By using our wealth of experience, expertise and the latest techniques like A/B tests, UX tests and Multivariate tests, we design customized and profit driven landing pages that help you achieve your conversion goals.

Our creative genius enables us to develop landing pages that engages and persuades the potential buyer to take the desired action. At Slinky Digital, we don’t shoot in the dark, we deliver you flawless and high converting landing pages based on thorough research.

Strategic Landing Page Design Approach

Based on the test results from conversion testing, eye-tracking and motivational research, we create, design and develop impeccable and high converting landing pages.

Our specialists pay attention to each element on the landing page including the page copy, design of the page, call to action buttons, their placement and more.

We use innovative imagery to control page visitor’s eye flow, emphasise the incentive, reduce anxiety of the visitor by writing compelling copy that builds trust and focus on the visitor’s attention on the call to action.

So, if you are looking for successful landing page designs that not just promise but actually deliver high sales conversion rates, then you know who to call!