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We provide email marketing services and advice to small businesses in Perth, WA and around Australia.

Email marketing, when done properly can be one of the most cost-effective forms of digital marketing – when done correctly.

Once you have built up a nice contact list, email marketing done well can help you to nurture and engage potential customers and keep customers engaged, track their journey, and hopefully boost sales.

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Some of the questions we get asked are:

Should I email potential clients using my Outlook?
We advise clients to use a professional email platform such as MailChimp or Constant Contact. We advise you not to send the emails from your own email address as it runs the risk of getting your email address flagged as ‘spam’. Then you will not be able to email clients etc. until it is cleared with the security organisation that flagged it.

A professional platform offers campaign creation, template designs, list management, analytics and reporting (so you know what is getting opened), along with website integration tools and plugins.

What is a lead magnet?
A lead magnet is simply something you offer for free in return for a visitor adding their email address or other information to a form on your website. What they can be is almost limitless, but obviously, they need to be useful and related to your business. Examples are a report, a free quote or estimate, an instruction video, a free course or a discount coupon.

Can I buy a list when I’m just starting out with email marketing?
You are strongly advised NOT to buy an email list for several reasons. First, it is likely going to be a very low-quality list with many false or deactivated emails. Second, the people on that list may not be interested in your business. Third, you will almost certainly get flagged as sending spam because none of these people agreed to be sent your emails. Fourth, your autoresponder service will probably close your account if they discover you are adding purchased lists. Bottom line…do not buy email lists!

How To Create An Effective Digital Marketing Campaign For Your Business

Any business which wants to succeed in today’s world must utilise the internet, which is why digital marketing is so important in the commercial arena. A business that does not have a presence online is at a huge disadvantage compared to its competitors that do.

The reasons why some business owners might be reluctant to try any form of digital marketing are many and include:

  • Tried before, and it did not work as well as hoped
  • Tried before and lost money
  • Do not have the budget they think they will need
  • Not sure if digital marketing works
  • They know of other businesses that failed with online marketing
  • Think they can survive without it
  • Have no idea how to begin

All of the above reasons are a result of the business owners either not knowing enough about digital marketing or they hired someone previously who was not an expert in digital marketing, and that is why they did not see results or lost money.

The resolution to both of these situations is to find a reputable local digital marketing agency and ask for their advice, or even take it a stage further and ask them to plan and implement a digital marketing campaign for your business.

Whilst each digital marketing agency will operate slightly differently, most of them should follow a core set of steps when they are planning and implementing a digital marketing campaign. Many of the specifics will differ due to having clients in vastly different business sectors and with various audiences to target. It stands to reason that how you might market a range of children’s toys online is going to be completely different from how to market a weight loss product.

However, the core process will remain, and to help you better understand what that is and to allow you to think about how a digital marketing campaign is created, we have outlined the seven main steps that an effective digital marketing campaign follows.

Establish Clear Objectives For What You Want Your Digital Marketing Campaign To Achieve

Before you so much as ask for a blog post to be written, there is much to be done, and the first task is to establish what the digital marketing campaign is meant to achieve. These campaigns can have a range of targets and goals depending on the needs of your business, so whether that is building brand awareness, gathering leads, or making sales, you must be clear from the outset. Remember, without an objective, you will never know if your campaign is successful or not.

Identify The Audience That Your Digital Marketing Plan Will Be Targeting

 There is little point in creating a campaign if there is no target to aim for. By target, we mean the online audience that the campaign will be seeking and hoping to engage with. To know who this audience is and where it can be found online requires research, which can include data on past customers and looking for demographics and online behaviour patterns. This way, your marketing will be targeted rather than just putting it out there and hoping for the best.

Decide Which Online Marketing Channels Are Likely To Be The Most Effective For Meeting Your Objectives

 Based on your campaign’s objectives and research into finding your target audience, you are now in a position to determine which digital marketing channels are best suited to getting the results you are looking for. This could cover a broad spectrum, such as social media, content marketing, email marketing, PPC advertising, and SEO, to name but a few. More than one of these will likely be key to achieving success for your campaign.

Make Sure That You Have All The Tools, Personnel, And Resources To Fully Implement Your Digital Marketing Campaign

 You have your goals set, you know your audience, and the marketing channels are established, so now you take steps to ensure that you have all the resources you need to implement your digital marketing campaign. Again, plenty to think about, including deciding if you go it alone, outsource to a digital marketing freelancer or enrol the services of a digital marketing agency. We might be biased, but experience tells us that the third option is the one to go for, but the choice is yours.

Ensure That You Have Set Clear Quality Levels For The Content That Will Support Your Digital Marketing Campaign

It is almost certain that some parts of your digital marketing campaign will rely on content and, in some cases, lots of it on an ongoing basis. This is where you must insist that anything that is published in your business’s name is of the highest quality, not just to protect your business’s reputation but because that is what works and gets results.

Put In Place The Means To Monitor, Measure, Analyse, And Report On Your Marketing Campaign’s Progress

Remember the first section where we spoke about setting objectives? Well, here is where you get into the nitty-gritty as to how close or far away your digital marketing campaign is from achieving those objectives. The advantage you have in today’s world of digital marketing is an abundance of tools to help. These include Google Analytics, plus if you are using PPC advertising, all of those platforms provide outstanding data to help optimise your PPC campaigns.

Have Contingencies To Remove, Alter, Or Accelerate Parts Of Your Marketing Campaign That Are Failing, Need Improving, Or Working  Well: Here is where you get to the point where the scores are in, and you can see what elements of your digital marketing campaign have failed, have worked to a degree but could do better, or have hit it out of the park and are bringing fantastic results.

For each one of these three scenarios, you need to have plans in place to react to them. It could be you switch off one traffic source, increase your daily budget for PPC, tweak a landing page’s copy, or publish additional content that has proved to be popular. These and the dozens of other tweaks you can make will become an ongoing process as you seek to maximize your ROI from your digital marketing campaign.


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