Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Facebook Marketing

Today, when it comes to designing a strong and competitive online marketing strategy for any business, social media marketing cannot be missed.

Stats show that the most visited websites at present are social media websites, with Facebook being the top favourite. Get a free quote now: (08) 6102 8944

Did you know?

  • Facebook has nearly 50% of all the world’s internet users as active users
  • Half of the Australian population is on Facebook
  • 79% of Australian businesses are on Facebook
  • 67% of internet users in the US are on Facebook
  • It is the most popular social media app on smartphones
  • It accounts for 66% of total social media sharing on iPhones
  • Over ½ of marketers who have been using Facebook for more than 3 years say that it has helped them increase their business sales dramatically

By the looks of it, Facebook enjoys unprecedented social media edge. It is the most powerful social media tool for brands. So, if you are not using this platform to its fullest, then you might be a risk to losing your potential customers to your competitors.

To leverage your brand on Facebook, benefit from our Facebook marketing service. Under our Facebook marketing service, we develop for you a strategic online strategy based around Facebook. We use a combination of proven methodologies and customer engagement marketing techniques to build a Facebook strategy that is bound to get you ‘Likes’, increase fans, keep your fans glued and also convert Facebook leads into sales.

Facebook Marketing – How we do it?

To deliver you a flawless and result-driven Facebook marketing strategy, we have onboarded a team of skillful and competent social media strategists who are adept at optimizing Facebook for brands.

Our strategists first understand your business, industry, and target audience and then design a robust content strategy accordingly. This includes posting of interesting and informational brand and business-related posts that generate excitement and spark conversation among your Facebook community fans.

We build a targeted fan base that is eventually directed to your website and converts into sales. Our team does this by creating exclusive, creative and unique Facebook promotions and advertising campaigns. Advertising campaigns are sometimes location based and sometimes based on demographics. We make sure each element of the campaign is synchronized so that the potential customer is gets fully engrossed and converts into definite sales. Therefore from Facebook ads to Facebook promotions to Facebook landing pages, we create, design and develop all.

To ensure you are informed with the impact of Facebook marketing strategy on your website sales, we deliver detailed monthly reports regularly. This helps you evaluate the impact and see the change in your conversion rate and brand success. Get a free quote now: (08) 6102 8944

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