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Google Ads Perth

Slinky Digital provides professional Google Ads management services in Perth WA.

If you are struggling to generate targeted leads for your business, Google Ads could be just what you need. We can help you with a high converting Google Ad campaign that will ensure website traffic that converts into sales.

We have the expertise to set up and provide you with a fully managed and profitable Google Ad campaign that will provide you with a great ROI. Through our strategic Google Ads services you can generate targeted web traffic immediately and start generating sales.

Google Ads : How Does Retargeting Work?

It is a fact that across the internet 96% of visitors do not buy on their first visit to a website. That is a lot of visitors that you’ve made the effort, possibly via SEO, to get to your website, so you need some way of getting them back. That is what retargeting can do for you.

By placing content and advertising relevant to your business on other popular websites, or ones related to yours, technology such as tracking pixels or cookies, will display them when a visitor is on those websites.

It may be that they do not immediately click through and come to your website, but they could. Worse case is that you are keeping your brand awareness in their mind so that whenever they do decide it is time to buy, yours is the one they seek out again.

Do Google Ads really mean immediate traffic?

If by immediate, you mean within a few minutes, or at worst a few hours then, yes it can. The big caveat though is it will only happen if your Google Ads campaign has been properly planned and implemented. Simply putting up random ads with no keyword research, and bidding in the dark is a recipe for losing all your ad spend and getting no discernible results.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for ‘pay per click’ advertising and it is a form of marketing, like Google Ads – that can bring instant traffic to your website if you have the marketing budget available to pay for the ads. The primary player within PPC is Google Ads which is understandable, given that Google accounts for over 90% of search engine traffic.

Unlike newspaper or magazine ads where you simply pay to be seen, Google Ads are based on the keywords that someone types into a search box. For example, if someone types in ‘Digital Agency Perth‘, and you have a PPC ad set up for those keywords, then if you have bid enough, your Google advert will be seen before others.

This means that if your ad appears, and they then click it, you pay, but the benefit is that person is now being redirected to your website, and there’s greater chance of the person searching, being interested in your brand and products.

While that hopefully sounds straightforward enough, setting up Google Ads so that they are effective, rather than just a drain on your funds, requires skills and knowledge. Factors such as what keywords to bid on, how much those bids should be, and what copy to write in your ads, are just some of the key elements that should be entrusted to a professional digital marketing company.

What is Google Ads conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation is the process, and the actions taken, to ensure that when a visitor lands on a website, everything is in place to encourage them to take a desired action. This could be a sale, them filling out an email opt-in form, completing a survey, or indeed any of the many actions that a business might want a visitor to take.

Poor conversion rate optimisation is one of the biggest errors companies make, whereby they spend their marketing budget driving traffic to their website, and then despair when visitors quickly leave again. Effectively optimising a website for conversions is one of the top services offered by digital marketing companies.

What Are Negative Keywords?

Negative keywords are words and phrases that are included in your Google Ads or other PPC advertising campaign, that you do not want your ad to show for. Common ones are ‘free’ or ‘discount’. For example, if you sold luxury car engine tuning in Perth, but had ‘free’ as one of your negative keywords, any time someone typed in, ‘BMW engine tuning Perth’, your ad might appear, but if they added ‘free’ to the front of their search, it would not.

How We Optimize Your Google Ads Campaign and Website Conversion Rate?

To ensure you generate targeted traffic from the Google Ads campaign and that traffic converts into sales, our team of highly skilled Google Ads specialists use their profound field knowledge and a variety of analytical tools. We design a strategic PPC plan that helps you achieve your end goal.

We focus on both optimization of PPC campaign and website conversion rate. To ensure the optimization of Google Ads campaigns we choose the perfect keyword phrases that are mostly used by your targeted audience and killer body copy.

And for high website conversion rate, we use tools like: A/B Split Testing and Google Analytics. These tools help us identify the root cause of the bounce rate and what changes can be made to reduce it.

Using the analytical results we sit with your design team to improve your website design and call to actions. We also develop landing pages using the right keywords and content to ensure your targeted audience takes the desired call to action and converts into sales!

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