How To Choose The Right Google Ads Management Company

If you’ve already made the decision to use Google Ads to help promote your business, then you join millions of other businesses that have already done so. Further, you may also have decided that you want the campaign to be managed by a Google Ads management company, rather than trying to do it in-house, or by yourself. This then begs the question ‘How do I choose the right Google Ads management company?’, so we are going to help you to answer it.

In truth, there are many approaches to this, however the tried and tested one is to measure any Google Ads management company you are considering against several key elements in terms of how they operate, and the results they can potentially achieve.

The first is to assess the experience they have, and specifically their track record. This can be done in several ways, but one of the most effective is to ask them to show you the results they have achieved with previous campaigns they have managed. This does not necessarily mean having access to commercially sensitive advertising data relating to another business but an overview of previous campaigns, and how they performed.

Speaking to previous clients is certainly something you should seek to do. One of the benefits of this will be not only can you ask about results, but you can also get an understanding of how the Google Ads management company interacted with its previous clients, and whether these clients considered the experience to be a positive one.

As you discuss your needs with a potential Google Ads management company you should be asking them questions about some of the specific elements that are required to make any campaign successful. You do not need to be an expert on Google Ads to ask about these factors, and the answer the company gives should be clear and understandable. Be cautious of any company which goes overboard with industry jargon, as they are often doing so to simply to impress.

If you think about it, if any Google Ads management company truly had your interests at heart, they are going to want you to be comfortable working with them, and that includes the communication between you. If, before you have even become a client, they try to bamboozle you with buzzwords and marketing lingo, what is it going to be like when you are questioning them on results?

Assuming your prospective PPC company isn’t full of jargon, you should clarify that they have knowledge and experience of proper keyword research, especially as this is one of the most critical elements of PPC advertising. This is especially important if you are a small, local business as effective keyword research can be hugely advantageous when it comes to using Google Ads to target local customers.

Another aspect of Google Ads that any decent marketing agency should be able to show a track record of conversion optimisation, and especially as it relates to landing pages. This is an area that many digital marketing agencies overlook, or simply ignore, which is alarming, as it can be the difference between a successful or unsuccessful campaign. Even if they optimise an ad properly, and generate a decent amount of traffic, it is no use if once that traffic reaches the website, it leaves almost instantly.

This creates two issues, the first being little or no conversions for the traffic you paid for. More seriously, a poor landing page causing visitors to click away quickly is identified by Google as a negative, and as such your ads will receive fewer and fewer impressions. This is why it is essential that you ensure any Google Ad management company that you employ is also able to offer you services relating to website development , and specifically, optimising your landing pages, as otherwise all the other services you pay them for will be compromised.

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