How To Run Google Ads For Your Family Law Practice Without Spending A Fortune

One of the quickest ways you can drive traffic to your family lawyer’s website is with paid advertising, and the most popular of those is Google Ads. Google Ads has been providing businesses with a quick and straightforward way to promote themselves on Google’s search engine and other partner websites for years, and you may recall it being called Google AdWords in the past.

Despite it being a relatively simple process to set up ads, many business owners pass it to a local digital marketing agency to get their ads created and then manage them so that the ads are continuously optimised for the best results possible. Unfortunately, even though there are such agencies to do the work, some businesses remain reluctant to try Google Ads.

For some, their hesitance is not related to setting up ads but their fears about how much running Google Ads will cost them. This is understandable given that paid advertising in all its forms can be costly, and whilst most will generate a handsome return on that investment, there are no guarantees of success.

Daily Budget Limit

Google Ads is the ideal solution for those with a limited budget, whether it is a genuine lack of funds or simply that you do not want to commit too much to an ad campaign until it has been proven to work. Either way, Google Ads allows you to set a daily budget limit so that no matter what happens over the month, the daily average spend should never be above that limit.

Suppose you see your ads are working well and generating quality traffic. In that case, you can gradually increase your daily budget and check your data to see if each increase is reflected in the increased traffic to your website until you hit an optimum level.

Effective Keyword Targeting

The basis of Google Ads is keywords whereby you will bid on each keyword you believe those interested in hiring a family lawyer in your catchment area would enter into Google. The most entered searches will attract the highest bids, and those keywords that are not searched for as often will have lower recommendations.

Proper keyword research should highlight multiple search terms that many family lawyers ignore and from which you could gain lots of traffic. Many of these are known as “longtail keywords”, and whilst each one may not get tons of traffic, collectively, they can all add up to a significant amount; by bidding on these keywords rather than those with high cost per click, you can win traffic for a lot less than other family lawyers are paying.

Location Keywords

We will assume that your family lawyers business operates within a fixed geographical area, and it is within this location that almost all your clients are based. This takes us to another highly effective way of limiting your ad spend whilst gaining a competitive advantage over other local family lawyers.

It is based on the fact that when those online search for local services, such as an accountant, a car mechanic, a landscaper or, in this case, a family lawyer, they will add their location to any search. So, instead of someone living in Perth, WA, typing into Google “family lawyers”, they will more likely type in “family lawyers in Perth”. They may even add “WA” for the state.

Taking this further, you will find that there are searches made that are more refined and instead of the city, the person will add their city suburb or local town. As such, when setting up ads, you should include as many of these locations as possible. Many search terms with a place included will have a meagre cost per click, yet they are better targeted than generic search terms without the locations.

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