Off-Page SEO & Link Building Strategies

The Difference Between On-Page and Off-Page SEO services

When calculating where to rank each website page, Google takes into account multiple factors, some of which are easier to optimise than others. Some can literally be done in seconds, whereas others might take weeks or even months, and there are some SEO factors that genuinely require ongoing optimisation, such as updating content on a website.

All of the optimisations are usually classified under one of two types and these are on-page and off-page respectively. As their names suggest on-page are the SEO tasks that we can set up and implement on your own website, whereas off-page SEO covers the activities which are done on other websites, often with the permission or cooperation of the owners of those websites. Get a free quote now: (08) 6102 8944

Off-Page Optimisation

There are many people within the world of online marketing, particularly some agencies who should know better, that think on-page SEO is easy and is, therefore, what most of the focus and effort should be directed to. Whilst we would never use the word easy, it is true that because the SEO work is taking place on a website that the client owns, you have complete control over what you can do.

However, if you truly want your website to have the best possible chance of improving its ranking on Google, do not be persuaded by anyone that on-page SEO is the only thing that should be pursued. The first and very important reason for that results from the way in which Google views the many actions which website owners and SEO experts can take to improve rankings.

Google knows that it is much easier to carry out SEO on-page, and therefore it gives less weight to any optimisations which take place there. Therefore, when its algorithms are calculating a website’s ranking, the influence that a specific metatag or a piece of content on that website has, is going to be much less than any backlinks coming to that website from guest posts on high authority websites.

Part of the reason for that is logic tells us that it is far easier to fix a metatag or write content for your own website than it is to acquire the opportunity to write content for another website owner, especially if their website is well established and it already ranks highly for searches on Google relating to the niche.

What this means is that Slinky do not just take the so-called easy route to SEO and ranking our clients’ websites. Instead, we cover all aspects of SEO, and that includes rolling our sleeves up and doing many of the off-page optimisations that some agencies simply turn their back on, much to the detriment of their clients’ rankings on the search engines. Some of those Off-Page optimisations which Slinky will fulfil, are outlined below.

Effective And Legitimate Linking Building Strategies

If you have spent any time researching SEO, you will know that backlinks are seen as some kind of holy grail. Whilst it is unlikely that you will rank at the top of any search based on backlinks alone, without them it will be extremely difficult. That is why, as part of any SEO campaign we undertake, we will seek to implement a plan to obtain and acquire high-quality and relevant backlinks from other websites.

You will note that we did not include a numerical qualifier as to how many backlinks we would acquire, such as ‘hundreds’ or even ‘thousands’, for the simple reason that merely pursuing as many backlinks as you can, with no thought to where they are coming from is a recipe for disaster. Google has many ways of spotting what is effectively backlink spamming, and any website caught doing so will quickly find its ranking plummeting.

The sorts of backlinks we will be creating to help boost your website’s ranking will come from our research of your niche, and by identifying high authority websites related to it that would be suitable for us to request and acquire one or more backlinks, possibly in return for some guest content.

Another principle we will follow when creating your backlinks is that they should appear to be growing in number naturally. The alternative, and one which spammy SEO agencies try to get away with and fail, is to suddenly create 100 backlinks from random websites each day over a 5 day period for example. Google is not stupid and as its algorithms can spot this easily, it simply ignores these backlinks as it knows they are not genuine.

Slinky SEO will create a portfolio of backlinks from legitimate websites, which use a combination of relevant keywords for the anchor text, and we will build them at a rate that does not raise any red flags at Google. As each backlink is identified by Google’s spiders, it adds to your overall ranking score and helps your website move upwards in the search engines consistently.

Google My Business Optimisation

Google My Business or ‘GMB’ as it is more commonly called, is an off-page SEO tool that, for some unknown reason, is ignored by many businesses, and even those who have set it up, many have done so incorrectly. GMB was introduced by Google to truly make it clear that it saw local businesses and in particular searches for local business as a core requirement of the service it provides.

It did so as it identified that many of the searches taking place included geographical identifiers for the simple reason that most people, when searching for a product or service, will look within their local suburb, town, or city. Google, therefore, sought ways to make local searches easier for its users, and GMB is one of the primary ones, especially with respect to SEO.

One of the aspects of GMB is that it not only helps local people searching for local businesses, but it also helps those very businesses too. It does so by allowing them to include their business details such as their address, telephone number, website, hours of opening, and a map so that someone can check the directions to the business. In addition, GMB also includes reviews based on the ‘5-star’ system which is a great advantage if you have lots of happy customers and clients.

Whilst GMB has all the above benefits, your business will only experience them if your GMB listing is set up correctly, which is exactly what Slinky SEO will do for you. One requirement of GMB is that the information that a business enters into it must be 100% accurate, consistent, and must follow certain guidelines, so we will ensure that yours meets all the criteria for maximum benefit.

Social Media Strategy

If your business is one which we both agree would benefit from social media then Slinky SEO will create a strategy for it and implement it for you, including making the relevant posts. Part of this will be identifying which social media sites your target audience is most likely to use, and then creating interesting, informative, and entertaining posts that help them to know, like, and trust your business, and ideally become one of its customers in due course.

There are many reasons why some business owners avoid social media which include not knowing which platform is the most suitable for them, not knowing what to post, the fact that you to make posts regularly, and also that you need to interact with your followers when they comment on your posts, for example. Be assured that Slinky SEO will take care of all of this so that social media adds to your off-page SEO. Get a free quote now: (08) 6102 8944

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