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Within all business sectors, trends can occur, some of which are minor and some of which are major and transformative, and it is true to say that removalists follow that model. A professional team helping to facilitate a home move or a relocation to a new office has been a client service for over a century. Undoubtedly, there will have been trends throughout the decades that have changed the sector.

A bit of trivia for you, before we go on, is that the trend of calling the professionals who help a house move ‘removalists’ started here in Australia by simply taking the word ‘removal’ and adding ‘its’ to form a new profession and a new business sector.

However, the sorts of trends we want to focus on here are those that change how removalists operate and which either directly or indirectly allow them to provide a better service for their clients. Further, we will highlight six trends to look for that are happening right now, meaning they are the latest to be embraced by the removalist industry.

Massive Adoption Of New Technology

At first glance, the removalist industry might seem a relatively simple one. However, there is a lot more involved than meets the eye. As such, the adoption of modern technology to increase efficiency and the range of services offered to clients is increasing. Examples include virtual surveys, automated scheduling, drones, and even robotics for moving, loading, and unloading items into vans and storage facilities.

Increased Local And Digital Marketing

Almost all the competition a removalist company has is based locally, so local marketing is rising. Following that, using digital marketing to help market to a local audience is also on the rise via digital marketing agencies. Using strategies such as SEO, social media, and PPC advertising, removalists can gain a significant share of their local market.

Automated Customer Service

The rise in the importance of good customer service is universal across all industries. This means removalists cannot rely on old, inefficient and slow customer service methods. Many removalists are turning to enhanced customer service methods like chatbots to address these issues. These can quickly and automatically answer a vast array of questions that might be asked by potential and current clients 24/7, 365 days a year.

Greater Focus On Social Proof

Social proof is not to be confused with social media, although there are some examples where they crossover. Social proof is precisely what is written and said about a company by its existing clients, whereby they review the service provider online or provide a testimonial. Positive social proof is hugely beneficial as it gives prospects the confidence that they are dealing with a professional, well-run company, as evidenced by the reviews above and testimonials.

Movement Toward Eco-Friendly Modus Operandi

No one can escape news about climate change and other environmental matters that have placed a focus on business and how it can reverse many of the negative consequences of what they do. As a result, removalists are increasingly seeking ways to become greener such as switching to hybrid vehicles and using packing materials that are reusable, biodegradable, or both.

Greater Use Of Storage Facilities

Another trend that is increasing in frequency is the use of storage facilities, or, more specifically, removalists adding storage to the range of services they offer. This is due to increased client requests when moving home or office but needing storage space in the interim. Also, those downsizing want somewhere to store items they are not taking to their new home or office at a reasonable cost.

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