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No matter how beautiful your website is; if it’s not visible to your target audience, it’s not much good from a marketing standpoint. Over the last few years the competition on the web has become ferocious. Google is also improving its quality standards for website ranking.

To ensure your website secures a high ranking in the organic Search Engine Results Pages (SERPS), you need professional SEO Perth with a strategic SEO services marketing plan. And this is exactly what we do.

At Slinky Digital, our SEO services consist of a comprehensive suite of professional, customised and targeted results driven organic SEO services in Perth WA. We will assess your business needs and provide an affordable price with a promise of a vast improvement in results to what you are currently getting.

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We design and develop professional Perth SEO plans that help you achieve high website ranking on Google, increase online visibility, attract targeted leads, improve click through rates and increase your conversion ratio. Our SEO services goal is to help you target, attract and convert potential leads into regular customers.

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To deliver you our professional SEO marketing services we have the best Perth SEO specialists available. Our team of knowledgeable and experienced SEO professionals strive to help you not just beat online competition but crush it.

We first analyse your current SEO activities to see where you stand. This helps you see the difference after the SEO marketing strategies implemented by us. From quality content for your on-page optimisation to first class link building, our SEO Perth experts will deliver you a winning SEO plan.

To design a flawless professional SEO Perth plan, we use the latest SEO tools and test a multitude of items such as bounce rates on web pages and use Google analytics to ensure the strategies are perfectly aligned with the latest algorithms.

After the plan is implemented, we also provide you monthly performance reports to help you measure the success ratio and see the rank and traffic improvement of your website.

Which SEO Team To Choose?

Choosing who does your SEO

SEO Company Perth

Most business owners are aware that if they want their website to rank higher in Google then effective SEO is necessary. The problem for most of them is that they do not know enough about SEO to be able to create and undertake a proper SEO strategy. This is before they even get to the point of considering the considerable amount of time it will take to plan, research, implement and monitor an SEO campaign.

For these reasons, and more, the sensible approach is to employ a digital marketing company that specialises in SEO. When we say ‘company’, it can often be the case that the company in question, is a one-person operation, and with others, it will be an agency with several employees. There are several differences between using either, which we are going to explore.

Using an SEO company that consists of a single individual means you will be dealing with one person who is an expert in SEO. They will have experience in ranking websites and will most likely use a number of tools to conduct the research necessary to create your SEO plan. Often called ‘SEO consultants’ you can find them on websites like Upwork.

One of the advantages of outsourcing your SEO to an individual is it is more likely that their fees will lower than if you employ an agency with staff. If your budget is extremely limited, then often they might be your only option. However, as with any service of this type, when you use a freelancer, they may charge you by the hour. While this is normal practice, the number of hours worked may not always correspond to the results which are achieved.

Another consideration when hiring an individual is that you are most likely not their only client. If you are looking for relatively quick results, they may not be able to commit to working the number of hours needed to make that happen. That is not to say they won’t get results, but if the work involves multiple tasks like research, web site development, SEO planning, improved conversions, link building, and then monitoring all of it, it is easy to see why it could take them some time.

The alternative is to employ a digital marketing company that has several employees. There are two advantages of this which occur immediately. The first is that they have the resources in terms of time in order to complete tasks quicker, and they are more likely to be using a specialist on each element of the project. This means you will have a website design expert developing your website, and a keyword expert doing the keyword research.

In terms of communication and feedback, this is also going to be greatly enhanced using an agency. Often you will one individual within the company who is your key point of contact, and they will oversee your entire project. They may not actually be doing any of the tasks, but instead be managing and progressing each one as necessary to ensure the project runs smoothly and effectively.

An agency is also likely to have greater resources in terms of the tools they use, and the data they will rely upon to make decisions about your SEO. The monitoring they do on the many other projects they are working on now, or in the past, will give them very useful insights into what is working and what isn’t with respect to ranking websites on Google.

The fees you pay to a digital marketing company of this type will normally be higher than to an individual freelancer, however, as with most aspects of online marketing, it is the results which count. Bear in mind the better the results, the better the return on your investment, so it is not so much a matter of what you pay for your website’s SEO, it is what that investment will bring you in terms of increased visitors, conversions, sales, and profits.

What Is an SEO Company?

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The reply to this question is not going to be a quick one or two-line answer. While that might be the case if you asked what a dairy farm (produces milk), or dressmaking company (makes dresses) does, what an SEO Perth company does is going to take a few paragraphs to explain.

The reason for that isn’t that it is too hard to explain what an SEO company is, it’s that each SEO company is unique. It is unique in many ways such as the types of services it offers, the number of services it offers, its size, number of employees, and in the exact way in which it achieves its results.

To help us answer the question, ‘What is a Perth SEO company?‘, it will help us if we define what the goal of most SEO companies is. That goal is ‘to help businesses grow’. At first, it might seem to you to be a very simplistic answer, however, if we were to consider every SEO company’s list of services, they will all ultimately be leading towards that simple, but very important goal.

If we consider that further, let’s examine why a business would employ a SEO company. We can point to specific actions and objectives which might include creating better content for the company’s website, protecting online reputations with online reputation management or to improving the search engine rankings. However, these, and the many other services an SEO company might provide, are not the reason that the company has been employed.

Simply creating content, protecting a brand’s reputation and better search engine rankings, are merely a means to an end. That end, or final goal, is that the company grows thanks to the increased sales which happens as a result of the services that the SEO company has provided.

When you employ an SEO company, the relationship which you enter is one where the success of your business is enhanced as a direct result of the objectives that you’ve agreed with them being met. What those specific objectives are will depend on the discussions, research, and the SEO audit which the SEO agency should carry out prior to any agreement being made.

The audit is what tells them, and you, what the current state of your SEO is, and what needs to be done to improve it. It’s a bit like taking your car in for a service and the mechanic listing everything that needs fixing. Unless you are a qualified mechanic, you’d let them get on with the work, and the same applies to SEO.

An SEO company has the knowledge, experience, skills, and tools to assess your SEO audit and then devise a strategy and specific plans to address the issues it has revealed. This is not only to fix them but to go further in pursuing the goal of growing your business.

That pursuit can consist of a whole range of services that an SEO company can provide you, the core one being to boost the visibility of your website in the search engines, especially in Google. It could do so by making changes to your current site structure, and that will include changes that happen on your website as well as many that happen off it.

An SEO company will plan and research all these activities, implement them using proven industry standard techniques and will regularly report back to you with their results. Everything they do will be done for a particular benefit. It might be to improve the content on your website, to increase backlinks to your website, or merely to tidy up the metadata on your web pages.

Ultimately, all of it comes back to that goal which every entrepreneur and business owner must surely have, and that is to grow their business. A Perth SEO company is the way and means of helping you to grow your business, and once it does that, the original question of what an SEO company does will most definitely be answered.

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Frequently Asked SEO Questions

Which is better, SEO or PPC?
Both SEO and PPC have their place in online marketing but are used in very different ways. SEO is perfect for organic searches, establishing your domain authority, and building for the longer term. PPC, on the other hand, can bring immediate results and can be used to target very specific demographics such as location, age, and income.

Which is cheaper, SEO or PPC
PPC means you are paying for every click from the search engine to your website, and in order to continue getting visitors you need to keep paying. It can often require a very large budget, and certainly requires careful research and targeting of keywords so that the budget is used effectively. SEO is often regarded as the free option, and while the traffic you receive costs nothing, it always makes sense to invest in proper SEO management to ensure that your website is optimised correctly for the search engines. As for which is cheaper, in most cases SEO should be in the longer term, since PPC traffic will always need to be paid for.

What is keyword research?
Keyword research is the means by which you can determine the keywords and keyword phrases that your website should be aiming to rank for in search engines. To conduct keyword research, you need to be exploring what other websites in your niche are ranking for, and which searches relating to your niche are searched for the most. Part of that research will also be to determine which keywords are the easiest, and which are the hardest to rank for. Once you have determined which keywords you are going to target you can then optimize the content on your website for those keywords accordingly, and create a linking plan with the keywords as anchor text, making it more likely that you will appear in the SERPs when someone searches for them.

How do I conduct keyword research?
Keyword research can be a task that can take endless hours if you do not know what you are doing, given the vast number of keywords that are likely to be relevant within your niche. That is why most businesses employ an SEO expert to do the research for them. SEO Perth experts will use a variety of tools and software to research and identify popular keywords within a niche. They can also establish the level of competition that is trying to rank for that keyword. Using their experience, they will then pinpoint keywords which have low competition and are easier to rank for, and those which are more difficult in order to create a SEO strategy to rank for as many keywords as possible.

What is content marketing?
Content marketing is utilising useful, educational, and interesting information on your website to build and retain a loyal audience. This free content, which you publish on your website, can be in many forms such as a blog articles, videos, infographics and page content. This content may not necessarily try to sell anything, but it plays an important role in taking potential customers through your marketing funnel, and towards a sale.

Where should my SEO keywords be used?
There are various places on your website that keywords can be used, and it is important to know that there is a hierarchy, meaning certain places are given more credit by Google than others. In descending order, they are the domain name, link anchor text, inner URL, title tag, meta description, and content. The principle behind this is that Google sees these in order of difficulty in terms of being able to get links, with a domain name being the most difficult and content being the easiest. As you optimise and grow your website you can use keywords in the places we have just mentioned, but don’t overdo it, especially when it comes to writing content. This is where many business owners mess up the SEO of their website because they overuse keywords, use them in the wrong places, or both.

How important are SEO meta tags?
Meta tags are relatively simple, but that does not mean they are not important for SEO purposes. They are words used within the code of a website to identify certain parts of it. When Google spiders your website it reads the meta tags and one of the benefits of that is that it tells Google what keywords you wish to rank for. The three meta tags are the title tag, which is what people will see when your website appears in the search engine listings, the description tag, which is a summary of what your website is all about, and the keywords where you can list the keywords relevant to that page. The title tag being the most important by far when it comes to keyword placement.

What is the difference between ‘follow’ and ‘no-follow’ links?
The answer is quite simply that with a follow link Google is directed to the website that backlink is pointing to, and conversely, with a no-follow link, it is told not to. Using no-follow links is often done by the owner of the website that the links are on, who does not wish to pass any of the ranking or authority their website has to the sites that his links to.

What is link juice?
Also referred to as ‘link equity’ in some SEO circles, link juice is the amount of power or authority that a link transfers from the page it is placed on to the page that it links to. This means that if you have a link from a high authority website, some of that website’s clout passes to yours. This is why links from high ranking websites are so desirable, and as you’d expect, more difficult to obtain.

Can a small, local company really rank #1 on Google?
It certainly can, but only if it has a properly structured SEO plan in place. By plan, we mean that keyword research has been conducted and that the subsequent actions such as building backlinks, and website optimisation have been done correctly. The key is that rather than trying to compete with huge companies for searches that get tens of thousands of searches, you target the type of search that someone living locally would type in. An example would be if someone wanted SEO Services and they lived in the Perth area. Rather than simply typing the search ‘SEO Services’, they may search for ‘SEO Services Perth’ or ‘SEO Experts Perth‘. These may not get searched for that often but if you optimise for them you are going to be near the top of the search engine results for them. Local SEO is a very specialised marketing skill and trying to do it on your own has many pitfalls. If you genuinely want to rank on Google for local searches, then you really must employ a digital marketing company who will have the knowledge and experience to make it work successfully.