Converting SEO traffic

Converting SEO Traffic

Get Better Conversions From Your Traffic

Many business owners spend a lot of money improving their website’s SEO. Even though they are able to generate a lot of traffic, they can still struggle with converting that traffic into sales.

If you are also experiencing this and you are frustrated about your site’s high bounce rate, then contact us today!

At Slinky Digital, we can offer you a 360° strategic SEO campaign that can help you not only generate leads to your website, but also convert them into sales.

We don’t just randomly devise an SEO plan with cookie cutter strategies. We provide you end-to-end and customised SEO plans that help you achieve your end goal! That is to improve your conversion rate and increase your profitability! Anybody can get you click-throughs but the most important aspect is to ensure they are converted into customers.

How We Do it

To deliver you what we promise, we have on-board the best SEO experts who are skilled at converting SEO traffic! By using our wealth of experience, impeccable expertise, comprehensive industry knowledge and advanced SEO tools, we develop result-driven and smart SEO campaigns that help in generating and converting SEO traffic.

However, before we devise and implement a customised SEO plan for your business, we first research and identify the issues related to your low conversion rate.

A few of the common reasons for low conversion rates are;

  • Poor Website Navigation
  • Poor User-Experience (UX)
  • Poor Quality Content
  • Weak ‘Call to Action’

Once the areas of concerns are identified, we formulate a strategic SEO plan using the best possible strategies for your business.

Generating Targeted Web Traffic

The key to converting SEO traffic is to focus on generating targeted web traffic. You may get random traffic on your website which is not interested in what you have to sell. This is where our team focuses the most! We use techniques like PPC ads and submit them on sites where we believe you are likely to attract your targeted traffic.

Website Optimisation

Our SEO Perth strategists analyse your website using tools like split testing to identify the problems with your current website design. Sometimes the site navigation is difficult or the colours are not appealing or the call to action is not placed properly. All these factors can negatively impact your lead conversion rate. Once these are identified, our strategists work to convert SEO traffic into leads.

Quality Content Creation

We also work to improve your site’s content through killer and convincing copy writing, popularity link building and usage of popular keywords. If your copy is convincing, you can easily convert Perth SEO traffic into leads.