Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Monitoring

Social media is the top favourite platform for people across the globe including Australia to seek information and express opinions about different brands, products and services.

Gone are the days when people used forums to share their customer experience. Today it’s all about sharing a tweet or posting a comment on social media and making it viral.

Therefore the best way to stay connected with both your potential and regular customers, get their feedback, learn about their experience, what they like or dislike, you need to have a strong social media presence and simultaneously monitor it closely.

Social Media Monitoring

Many businesses on the web have social media presence, despite that they still fail to grow their business and build brand loyalty. This is because of poor social media monitoring. Being on social media is not enough, you need to continuously monitor it and actively respond to your customers so that they know you are listening to their opinion. Your strong communication and interaction with your customers can build brand loyalty among customers. And this is what we help you with!

Slinky Digital Social Media Monitoring Service – We Keep You Connected To Your Audience 24/7

If you don’t have time or a team to manage and monitor your social media pages, Slinky Digital is at your service! We offer online businesses across all industries unbeatable and reliable social media monitoring services with a promise that your customers will know that they are being heard.

We Interact With Your Fans Daily
We interact and communicate with your social media fans and followers on an everyday level. This includes answering their queries about product and services, promptly replying to their feedback and dealing constructively with any negative comments or posts. Our team makes sure your brand is active on social media pages 24/7.

Monitor Social Media Accounts
Besides interacting daily with your online community, we also monitor your social accounts to keep your social media pages clean from defamatory comments. We do this, to make sure you comply with ASB (Australian Standards Bureau). ASB has rules that brands are fully responsible for information or defamatory comments on their social media pages.

Perform Customer Insight Analysis
To help you understand your customer demographics, behaviour and needs better, we perform customer insight analysis via real time reporting software like Hootsuite and Ubervu.