Web Design Strategies For Better Website Conversions

One of the enormous benefits of excellent web design is that it can achieve many things for the business that owns the website being created. What it can achieve will largely depend on the business’s goals and ambitions, which in turn dictates the remit it will have given to its web designers.

However, in most cases, when a business website is being designed, it should at least help to take visitors to the website closer to becoming customers of that business. How subtle or strongly the website does this will depend on the business type and how the business owners want their customers to follow their sales funnel.

That means that the overriding objective of the website’s design can range from turning a visitor into a prospect or lead by encouraging a call to the business or entering an email address in an opt-in form to them selecting a product, taking out their credit card, and making a purchase while they are on the website.

There can be other calls to action on a website; however, regardless of what they are, each is a conversion. In other words, the website has converted the person who landed on the website from a visitor to a paying customer or a least a prospect who has shown that they have an interest in the products and services that the business may offer.

As for how web design can enhance the conversion rates of a website, there are no fewer than seven web design strategies specifically geared towards that highly desirable business objective.

Optimise To Make The Website’s Load Speed As Fast As Possible

Unfortunately, too many poorly designed websites never get close to converting their visitors, and the worst of them fall at the first hurdle. By that, we mean that the website loads so slowly that many visitors click away before the website even opens on their browser.

Good web design will ensure that every element within a website is optimised for the fastest load speeds. By achieving this, not only will conversions rise because visitors will remain on the website for longer, but it is also noted by Google, which can boost a website’s search engine rankings.

Ensure All Visual Content Is Of The Highest -Quality

First impressions count for everything regarding website conversion, and assuming the page loads quickly, the first thing visitors will see is the visual appearance of the website rather than any of the text content. This is where your web designer uses their skills and experience to create a layout for your website that has instant appeal.

In addition, visual elements and content such as infographics, images, and videos also need to be high-quality and optimised to build the enthusiasm of visitors who come to your website.

Streamline Website Navigation

Sadly, poor navigation is one of the most frustrating and all too common web design mistakes. A website can have huge visual appeal, great content, and a fantastic value proposition, but poor navigation on that website can negate all of those positives.

Not every visitor to your website will have been there before, so you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find their way around it. This objective is achieved by ensuring your website’s design has a menu system that is easy to understand and allows easy movement between your website’s pages.

Have A Distinct And Compelling Value Proposition

We are often amazed when a website owner asks why their website is not converting, only for us to find that what they offer on that website has little appeal and does nothing to enthuse anyone who might be there.

The value proposition you present on your website must stand out and grab your prospects’ attention, like a retailer will have an in-store proposition that makes shoppers stop. Speak of benefits rather than features so your website visitors know what your offer can do for them.

Create A Call To Action (CTA) That Is Unambiguous And Can Be Seen

So far, so good. You now have a web design that has given you a fast-loading website, looks great, has easy navigation, and has a fantastic value proposition, so now what? How about asking your visitors to take action that takes them further along your sales funnel?

You make this happen by having a compelling call to action that almost forces, in the nicest way possible way, your website’s visitors to act. Whether that CTA is to buy, call, or submit their email, ensure it is visible and not confusing.

Maximise Your Audience With An Accessible Website

If your redesign has everything in place to promote a high conversion rate, then to maximise the number of conversions your website has, you want the maximum number of visitors and for them to have a great experience being there.

For visitors who have disabilities related to their sight, hearing, or hand movements, many websites make that difficult to impossible. However, you can accommodate them by having an accessible website design that incorporates features such as large fonts, voice controls, and captions for videos, for example.

Give Visitors The Most Personalised Experience Possible

To take your website design to the maximum and provide your users with an experience that wows them, which of course, should lead to more conversions, you should include web design elements that provide a personalised experience.

One option is dynamic content which will create different messaging, images, and options based on their actions and behaviour while on your website. Another strategy is tracking and analytics to create personalised recommendations and content for those visiting your website.

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