Why You Need to Have Your Google Ads Managed Professionally

Online advertising is showing no signs of diminishing with year-on-year increases in spending expected to continue well into the 2020s and a predicted spend of around 500 billion US dollars by 2023. Google Ads also shows no sign of losing its mantle as the number one paid advertising platform online, with it accounting for around one-third of that spending.

This data should be highlighting to business owners the necessity for their online marketing to include Google Ads. After all, if Google Ads wasn’t producing results for those businesses that use it, it wouldn’t have such a huge share of the market. The problem for many businesses is that if they have already started using Google Ads, they may not be getting the results they’d hoped for.

Those problems can cover a variety of issues, but there are one or two which tend to be more common than others. As you read through, if these sound like the problems you are facing then it’s probably time for you to consider employing a digital marketing agency that specialises in Google Ads and by doing so, turn your struggling campaigns, into profitable ones.

One which is often cited as the most common problem business owners face when they try to use Google Ads is lack of time to manage it. The keyword research, competitor analysis, ad copywriting, bidding analysis, monitoring and adjusting the campaign, all take time if results are to be achieved. Attempting to do so, whilst also running a business is near impossible, even for the most hard-working business owners, and so their Google Ad campaigns suffer.

A PPC management program that is undertaken by a digital marketing agency will have the people, resources, and most importantly the time to implement all the necessary tasks. Best of all, it can do them in such a way that positive results follow. This allows you to get on with what you are best at, and that is running your business, especially as the results of your improved Google Ads campaign will bring increased numbers of customers to your website.

Poor campaign optimisation is another major reason for a Google Ads campaign to fail. This means that even with all the time you need to set up a Google Ads campaign, coupled with a massive advertising budget, some campaigns never get past square one. Even if you are bidding more than your competitors it doesn’t necessarily mean you will always have the prime location on Google’s results, and if you do, you may be paying way more than what the clicks are genuinely worth, or what your competitors are paying.

The reason for this will likely be that your Google Ads campaign is not maximised in several areas. Google uses a measure called ‘Quality Score’ which takes into account factors such as the relevance of keywords and ad copy, the click-through rate of your ad and the quality of your landing page as measured by data such as bounce rate. If any of these do not measure up to Google’s standards, they are not going to give your ad much exposure, other than if you throw very high bids at keywords.

With all these factors to consider, it can feel like a game a ‘whack a mole’ to some businesses, with one issue dealt with, only for another to soon cause a problem. Why give yourself the headaches, when you can hand it all over to a digital marketing agency that have all the tools and resources to implement a Google Ads campaign from start to finish? Better still they can do so using industry best practices that are proven to work and produce results.

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